Financial Aid

It is the philosophy of Campion College that students are expected to cover as far as possible the costs of their education from their own resources. Campion relies upon the good faith and the serious effort of students and their families in making this financial commitment, according to their financial circumstances, taking into account their assets, the income they are able to earn, and the support of family and friends.

However, the College is conscious of the burden which the cost of tertiary education can impose upon students and their families and seeks to offer whatever assistance possible.

For eligible full-time students, a loan is available through the Federal Government’s FEE-HELP Scheme to cover tuition fees, while the College extends various forms of financial aid – in the form of scholarships, bursary assistance, and a work-study program - to help students with living expenses where required.

A range of scholarships and bursaries are available for full time and part time students attending Campion College.

Federal Government Financial Aid

Most domestic Campion Bachelor of Arts students avail themselves of the Federal Government’s FEE-HELP Scheme, which is similar to the HECS (Higher Education Contribution Scheme) that applies in state-funded universities.

Campion students typically use FEE-HELP to cover part or all of their annual tuition fees, accepting the resultant loan which they gradually pay back after graduation and attaining a certain level of income. For 2012-3 income year, the compulsory repayment threshold is $49,095 pa. Students may also be eligible to access government funds for study in tertiary education. They include Austudy, Youth Allowance, rent assistance and fares allowance.

The Federal Government has provided (via Centrelink) scholarship opportunities for students relocating for study. In general terms, to be eligible:-

  • Students need to be undertaking approved courses provided by an approved education provider to be eligible (Campion is an approved provider and the BA is an approved course).
  • Students need to be receiving student income support through Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY to be eligible.
  • Student start-up scholarship - $2,050 in 2012 - received annually in two instalments.
  • Relocation scholarship – for students who have to live away from home for study - $4,000 for students in their first year of study, $2,000 per year for second and third years and $1,000 for fourth and subsequent years.

Refer to for further details. Rates for 2014 may change.


Apply direct to Campion College for all scholarships except the Teaching Scholarhip in Melbourne.

Most scholarships are given by individual benefactors to Campion and offer general financial support to students. Students in College residential accommodation may be awarded a higher scholarship amount. A number are also provided by individual Catholic Dioceses and are specifically intended for people seeking a career in teaching (see Teaching Scholarships below). If a student is awarded a scholarship and their circumstances change, including moving out of residential accomodation, the scholarship may be reviewed.

Please indicate the name of the scholarship on the application for scholarship and ensure the particular criteria is addressed for the scholarship you are applying for. If applying for more than one scholarship please indicate your preference. Applicants will need to complete separate applications for each scholarship they are applying for. All scholarship applications close end of January.

The Bishop of Parramatta Scholarship  

The main criteria for this prestigious award, tenable for three years, are academic excellence and active membership of a Catholic parish in the Diocese of Parramatta.

The value is $6,000 per annum. Successful applicants will have an ATAR or equivalent of at least 90. Wide-ranging extracurricular interests in such areas as community service and leadership will also be taken into consideration in making the award.

The Hildebrand Scholarship

The main criterion for this prestigious award, tenable for three years, is academic excellence. The value is $12,000 per annum.

Successful applicants will have an ATAR or equivalent of at least 90. Wide-ranging extracurricular interests in such areas as community service and will also be taken into consideration in making the award.

Teaching Scholarships

The Catholic Education Offices (CEOs) of the Archdiocese of Sydney and the Archdiocese of Melbourne and the Diocese of Lismore have agreed to provide scholarships for students wishing to enrol at Campion College with the intention of pursuing a career in teaching.

These vary from $4,000 to $7,000 per year for four years (one year of postgraduate education). For the Melbourne scholarship please contact Mr Tony Byrne on 03 9267 0288. For the Sydney and Lismore scholarhips, please contact the Marketing Manager for more information on (02) 9896 9300. 

Brother Alman Dwyer Scholarship (three Available)

These scholarships honour the work of Marist Brother, Alman Dwyer, who was a leading Marist educator. A generous donor has allocated these funds in memory of Br. Alman’s work to students who completed secondary studies at the following schools:

  • Marist College in Ashgrove QLD
  • Parramatta Marist in Westmead NSW
  • Canberra Marist ACT
  • St Joseph’s College in Hunters Hill NSW
  • Wollemi College, NSW
  • Tangara School for Girls, NSW
  • Redfield College, NSW
  • Loyola Senior Mt Druitt, NSW
  • Mary MacKillop Colleges, NSW

Armidale Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by Bishop Michael Kennedy of the Catholic Diocese of Armidale NSW.

L.W. Kelly Scholarships (Three Available)

A major benefactor of Campion College is the Callanan Foundation, which has given strong support from the earliest days of the College’s development. The Foundation generously assists many Campion students with the L.W. Kelly Scholarships.

These awards are named in honour of the late Fr. Leo Kelly, a highly respected Melbourne priest. They continue the contributions he made over many years, both materially and pastorally, to the support of the Catholic people in Australia.

John Paul II Evangelium Vitae Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2007 by a Sydney medical practitioner who wishes to assist students in need to attend Campion College.

The award is named in honour of Pope John Paul II’s 1995 encyclical, Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life), which exalted the value and inviolability of human life in the face of the various threats of our time.

The scholarship is allocated on the basis of both merit and financial need. The donor has expressed a desire for the scholarship to help in particular any students who apply from Tasmania. If it is not awarded to a Tasmanian student the preference will be for a person pursuing a vocation. If no applicants meet either of these preferences, it will be awarded to an applicant based upon merit and general financial need.

Mannix Bursary Fund

Students from the Archdiocese of Melbourne with financial need may apply for this scholarship.

Margaret Ann & John Patrick Bradley

Students from Queensland interested in a law degree with financial need, may apply for this scholarship.

Senator Cory Bernardi

Students from South Australia with financial need and with leadership potential may apply for this scholarship.

International Student Fund

An international student with significant financial need may applyf or this scholarship.

Scholarship Criteria

To be eligible for consideration for a Campion College Scholarship,applicants must: 

  • Enrol as a student in a BA degree at Campion College Australia.
  • For certain scholarships, demonstrate the personal qualities that would identify them as prospective leaders of quality.
  • For certain scholarships, have a strong record of academic performance, as demonstrated through the HSC ATAR result.
  • If applying for a scholarship on the basis of financial need, demonstrate a need for funding to enable the student to enrol at Campion College.

Scholarship Application Procedures

Please complete the Application for Scholarship for all scholarships. Scholarships close end of January. It is advisable to have your application to Campion as early as possible.

Campion will allocate scholarships on the basis of the specific criteria as outlined for each scholarship. Where financial need is one of the criteria, applicants must clearly demonstrate their need on the application form.

Scholarship Benefit

Students living in College residential accommodation may be awarded higher scholarship amounts. If students leave College residential accommodation the scholarship will be reviewed and the amount may be reduced.


All students who can demonstrate financial hardship in meeting living expenses are eligible for financial aid from Campion. The initial form is participation in the Work Scheme (see below for details), where students are employed by the College for up to five hours per week undertaking a range of tasks around the College. There are bursaries available for students who demonstrate significant financial hardship, either on an ad hoc or ongoing basis.

Please note - students in receipt of Centrelink Relocation Scholarship are not eligible to apply for a Campion bursary.

Work Scheme

This scheme is open to Campion students who foresee difficulty in meeting the costs of their accommodation. Successful applicants will undertake work around the College for around five hours per week, with a before-tax amount of approximately $20 per hour applied to their account. The type of work undertaken includes working in the College grounds; assisting in marketing and reception; and serving in the kitchen.

Students participating in this scheme are effectively employees of the College and this income may affect Centrelink payments.

Applications for this scheme can be made in at any time during the year. If a student on this scheme pays off their accommodation costs in full, their participation in the scheme ceases.