Student Forms

The below forms may be printed, filled out and handed in at Reception or to a relevant staff member. Alternatively, each of the below forms can be found in the pigeon holes at Reception. Please note that all forms related to Assessments and Submissions can be found in the Assignments & Special Consideration.


Miscellaneous Enrolment Form (Semester 1) [PDF]

Miscellaneous Enrolment Form (Semester 2) [PDF]

First Year Enrolment Form [Online Form]

Second Year Re-enrolment Form [PDF]

Third Year Re-enrolment Form [PDF]

Application to Audit Units [PDF]

Recognition of Prior Learning Form [PDF]

Variation of Enrolment Form [PDF]

Scholarship Application Form [Online Form]

Bursary Application Form [Online Form]


College Fees, Charges and Dates 2017 [PDF]

Semester Planner – Semester 1, 2017 PDF

Weekly Planner [PDF]

Campion Consent Form for NSW Opal Concession [PDF]

Phone set up for Student Emails [PDF]

How to use Web Printing [PDF]

Student Details and Changes [PDF]

Nomination for College Committees  [PDF]

Academic Transcript Request Form [PDF]


Notice of Accommodation Absence [PDF]

Intention to Vacate Form [PDF]

Application for College Accommodation [Online Form]

Return to Residential Accommodation in 2017 [PDF]

Request to Stay on Campus Outside Semester [PDF]

Application for Work Scheme [PDF]

Guest Accommodation Request 2017 [PDF]


Approval for Study Abroad and Exchange [PDF]