A unique experience at the HSC & Beyond Virtual Careers Expo

27 May 2020

Campion College is excited to participate in the HSC & Beyond Virtual Careers Expo on May 27-31 and June 24-28.

Participants will be able to ‘walk through’ a virtual expo and visit the auditorium, resource library and exhibition hall.

Each day, the auditorium will be packed with a selection of high-quality speakers and presentations. Participants will be able to listen to inspirational keynotes from high profile speakers, tertiary educators and and past HSC students.

The resource library will act as a breakout room where participants can access presentations, videos, ebooks and guides. HSC students will also be able to speak to NESA and subject-specific teachers and markers.

And last but not least, the exhibition hall is where you will be able to find the Campion booth and connect with our Student Recruitment Manager Christine. Here you’ll be able to download information on our courses and watch a series of videos. The platform also supports live chat and one-on-one video chat.

The expo is free for students, teachers and parents.