Assignments and Special Consideration

Below are links to various forms relating to student assignments and special considerations. Please download and print the forms relevant to your needs.

Assessment Cover Sheet [PDF]

Application for Assessment Extension [PDF]

Application for Special Consideration of Assessment [PDF]

Application for Re-marking of Essays [PDF]

Application for Withdrawal without Financial and/or Academic Penalty [PDF]

Assignment Submission Information

Students are required to submit a hard-copy and an electronic copy of all written assignments. This includes summaries, tutorial write-ups, essay plans, and major essays.


Hard Copies

Assessment items are to be deposited in the Assessment Item box which is located at Reception by 4:00pm on the due date. Before lodging any assessment in the submission box, students must detach the receipt from the cover sheet after it has been signed by a member of staff at Reception.

Assessment items should be printed on one side of the paper only and should be presented on A4 paper in black ink and must be typed (double-spaced with a 3cm margin to allow the marker to provide feedback). The pages should be numbered consecutively throughout the document.

Students must retain a copy of all work submitted along with the receipt issued at Reception.


Soft Copies

Students may be requested by lecturers to submit electronic copies of particular assessment items. These assessments should be emailed to


Assessment Due Dates

The due dates for assessment items are published in the Unit Outline provided by the Unit Coordinator at the commencement of classes for each unit. The Assessment Item box will be cleared at 4:00pm on the due date by the Student Administration Assistant. An assessment item submitted after 4:00pm on the due date and without an approved assessment extension will attract a penalty of 10% of the available grade for that assessment item for each day it is late. Extensions will not normally be granted to students on the day on which an assessment item is due. Extensions should be applied for only in exceptional circumstances and at least 24 hours in advance of the due date.

In case of sickness or circumstances warranting compassionate extension, the Unit Coordinator must be informed and may determine that an extension of time is permitted. In cases of sickness, a medical certificate (or copy) may be required. In cases of compassionate consideration (bereavement, family sickness, etc.), the student may also wish to inform the Chaplain of the situation. An Approval for Assessment Extension must be completed and submitted with the assessment item and conditions may apply to extensions of more than 24 hours.

Any student unable to take an examination at the published time must apply to the Registrar in writing, for permission to sit for the exam during the Supplementary Examination Period.