As an institution of higher education dedicated to authentic, independent, Catholic Liberal Arts education, Campion College relies on the generosity of its supporters and those who believe in its teaching mission. Bequests are an important way in which the future of Campion College is secured.

A Gift for the Future

Please consider supporting our ‘Gift for the Future’ campaign in the form of a bequest to the Campion Foundation for the development of Campion College

Through your bequest, the Liberal Arts tradition can be handed down to future generations of Australians and kept alive in the wider Australian community. We are conscious of the significance of each and every donation and bequest received by the College, and strive, always, to live up to the trust placed in us.

Ways of Helping

There are a number of ways in which the College can be helped through a bequest to the Campion Foundation. For example:

  • You can give a specific amount of money or other assets
  • You can donate a percentage of your Estate – for example, 50%, 20%, 10%. This ensures your family and friends are not disadvantaged by changes in the size of your Estate or by inflation.
  • After providing for family and friends, you may decide to leave the residue of your Estate to the Campion Foundation for the development of Campion College.

To ensure that your exact intentions are made clear, it is desirable that your Will be prepared in consultation with a solicitor.

Bequests to the Campion Foundation are tax-exempt.

Opportunities for Giving

A bequest to Campion College can be most readily expressed in the following form:
‘I wish to make a bequest to the Campion Foundation for the development of Campion College Australia.’
A bequest may express a particular wish as to how the gift is to be used – for example, to help the College Library to acquire important books and other resources, or to support the Campion Scholarship Fund for students in need.
For further information, or to discuss in confidence any bequest possibility, please contact Miss Yvette Nehme, Director of Development, Campion Foundation.

Considering a Gift for the Future?

We would be delighted to know that you have acknowledged the Campion Foundation for the development of Campion College in your Will. This will enable us to recognise your generosity during your lifetime and to invite you to special events and functions.
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Get in touch

For further information or to discuss your donation in confidence, please contact Miss Yvette Nehme, Campion Foundation Director of Development, on 1300 792 747(02) 9896 9318 or via foundation@campion.edu.au.

Alternatively, please complete the form below.

Campion Foundation Enquiry Form

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