Bishop celebrates Campion matriculation

Matriculation 2020 4 . Campion College Australia.
Matriculation 2020 4 . Campion College Australia.
25 Feb 2020

Matriculation. Campion College Australia.

Bishop Columba Macbeth-Green of the Wilcannia-Forbes Diocese celebrating Mass at Campion’s Matriculation.

Campion College welcomed 41 new students yesterday at its 15th matriculation, which began with Mass celebrated by Bishop of Wilcannia-Forbes, the Most Reverend Columba Macbeth-Green.

President Dr Paul Morrissey welcomed the students and their families, saying the ceremony marked their entrance into a scholarly community.

"This is a formal welcome to the great adventure that is higher learning – an adventure of the mind. You have come to Campion College to study the Liberal Arts," he said.
"Here at Campion we are committed to the Catholic Liberal Arts tradition whereby an education is truly about the fostering of the life of the mind and the pursuit of wisdom."

Each new student received an academic gown from Campion's Dean Dr Luciano Boschiero before signing the Matriculation Book, welcoming them into the Campion student body.

To celebrate the launch of Campion's first post-graduate venture, the Graduate Certificate in Religious Education, Wilcannia-Forbes Director of Catholic Education Anthony Gordon thanked Campion for the partnership, while encouraging the students to consider coming "beyond the Blue Mountains" to work in the diocese post-graduation.

"Campion students are always welcome to work in the diocese," he said.

After the ceremony, families were invited to stay for a barbecue buffet and campus tours.

Returning students were also welcomed back for the start of a new academic year.