Campion launches Early Offer Admission Scheme

19 May 2022

Students in their final year of school are encouraged to secure their place at Campion College in 2023 by starting the enrolment process now with the Early Offer Scheme.

Year 12 students and non-high school leavers who apply for the scheme will be automatically considered for a first semester scholarship, receive priority allocation for on-campus accommodation and be among the first to take advantage of the college’s new Academic Centre.

College president Dr Paul Morrissey encouraged anyone considering the liberal arts to apply, saying this is an unmissable opportunity to fast track their Letter of Offer and plan for the future with confidence.

“As demand to study our leading liberal arts program continues to grow, the Early Offer Scheme is the best way to secure your spot at Campion and receive additional support to ensure a smooth transition to college life.”

To apply for the Early Offer Scheme, applicants must provide academic documentation such as Year 11 and 12 reports, proof of tertiary study or STAT results. They must also supply a written statement and a community recommendation before undertaking an interview with one of Campion’s academics.

Each stage in the process will allow applicants to demonstrate their readiness for tertiary study, commitment to the liberal arts tradition and potential to make meaningful contributions to the Campion College community based on previous educational, vocational and community involvement.

Campion’s Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts (three-years full-time) and Diploma of Liberal Arts (one- year full-time) provide students with an integrated understanding of the events, ideas, personalities and works which have shaped Western culture. Students take systematic study across five disciplines – history, literature, philosophy, theology and science – and develop foundational knowledge and transferrable skills for success in a broad range of professions.

Applications close Friday 7 October 2022. Find out more and apply here.