Religious freedom bill to test our national identity

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Beware the choke tackle of Diversity Inc

By Stephen ChavuraIn the seminal textbook of liberalism, On Liberty (1859), John Stuart Mill depicted a Victorian England full of prudishness and prejudice, describing social convention, rather than the government, as the greatest threat to freedom of speech.In some... Read more

The new sectarianism

Today’s debate on religious freedom has not arisen in a vacuum. Amendments to Dean Smith’s same-sex marriage bill that would guarantee freedom of speech, ­association, and conscience would be redundant were there no appetite to restrict such freedoms. But there is... Read more

Dangerous days for liberty

By Stephen Chavura If the most vocal advocates of same-sex marriage believe their own rhetoric then they cannot in good conscience defend the freedom of conscience, speech, and association of dissenters from same-sex marriage. Instructive was the lacklustre private... Read more