Fellowships and Awards

Research Fellowship 2012


Visiting Fellowship

The recipient of the Visiting Fellowship in 2012 was Dr Christine Wood, Professor of Theology at John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego, California. Dr Wood specialises in Systematic Theology and she received her PhD in this field at Marquette University, USA. Her doctoral dissertation was on “The Metaphysics and Intellective Psychology in the Natural Desire for Seeing God: Henri de Lubac and Neo-Scholasticism”. Dr Wood also has an MA in Theology and a Certification in Catechetics, both from Franciscan University of Steubenville, USA. Her research and teaching interests extend to Christology, Biblical Theology, Liturgy, Moral Theology, Theology of Grace, Philosophy and Theology of St Thomas Aquinas and the Nouvelle théologie movement.


Conference and Research Fund

The recipient of the Conference and Research Fund in 2012 was Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen, Director of the Institute for Judaism and Civilization; and Chair of the Social Policy of the Organization of Rabbis of Australasia. Rabbi Cowen has many publications to his name, including books on Jewish law and thought, often examining the relation between Jewish and secular thought. His latest book is Politics and Universal Ethics (Connor Court, 2012).

On the 4th of May 2012, with the support of the CSWT Conference and Research Fund, Rabbi Cowen hosted a workshop on the topic “Natural law and revelation in the Judeo-Christian tradition”.  The workshop aimed to explore the notion that Jewish and Christian traditions share a set of core values based on a common understanding of revelation and natural law. Participants included Associate Professor Tracey Rowland (JPII Institute, Melbourne), Mr Joseph Santamaria MA QC, Associate Professor Sandra Lynch (NDU, Sydney), and Professor John Finnis (Oxford University, UK).

The Centre for the Study of Western Tradition will award a Visiting Fellowship to encourage research in the specialised collections of Campion College Library. Proposals will be considered that plan to use one of the two following collections:

St. Edmund Campion Collection

This collection is a Catholic Recusant collection. It covers scholarship in the history of Catholicism in the British Isles (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland) from the reign of Henry VIII (died 1547) to the mid-nineteenth century – including the sixteenth-century martys (John Fisher and Thomas More, both executed in 1535; Edmund Campion, martyred 1581; Margaret Clitherow, martyred 1586), the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829 and to the restoration of English hierarchy in 1850 (including primary works of Cardinal Wiseman). The collection includes extensive series of the Catholic Record Society Publications.

In addition the Library has a separate collection of John Henry Newman, which includes a substantial range of primary sources. This collection follows from the St Edmund Campion collection in that it represents one of the significant English converts to Catholicism in the nineteenth century – the period of the Oxford Movement, post Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829.


Austin Woodbury Collection

This collection, the only one of its kind in Australia and of immense value to Australian Catholic history, consists of uncatalogued notes, lecture material and unpublished works by Rev. Dr Austin Woodbury SM (1899-1979). It also includes Dr Woodbury’s private collection of Thomistic theology and philosophy.

The Fellowship will make available up to $5000 to be used for research, travel and accommodation expenses over a period of six to eight weeks in 2012. It is expected that a seminar/conference paper and publication should result from the Fellowship. The recipient will also be required to deliver a seminar at Campion College and a guest lecture to undergraduate students (for an outline of the Campion Liberal Arts course, see: www.campion.edu.au)

Applications should provide the following:

  • Curriculum Vita
  • Names and contact details of two references
  • Written submission of around 1000 words, explaining the following:
  • The nature and aims of the proposed research
  • The topic and abstract of the seminar to be delivered at Campion College
  • Expected publication and research outcomes of the Fellowship
  • The use of funds

The deadline for the receipt of applications is Friday 30 September 2011

All enquiries and applications should be sent electronically to:

Dr Luciano Boschiero, Director, Centre for the Study of Western Tradition


Conference and Research Fund 2012


The Centre for the Study of Western Tradition is pleased to announce the introduction of its Conference and Research Fund. The Fund makes available a grant of up to $2000 to support a conference, symposium or workshop relevant to the CSWT’s research strands:

  • Christianity in Australia
  • The Emergence of the Medieval World View through the Scholarly Examination of Primary Sources in the Original Language
  • Liberal Education in the Twenty-First Century
  • The Development of European Scientific Thought
  • The Conceptualisation of Democracy and Freedom in the West

The conference must also aim to meet at least two of the broad objectives of the Centre:

  • To articulate and promote the teaching of the liberal arts
  • To explore the origins and formation of the Christian canon, including the writings of late antiquity and the early Middle Ages that contributed to Christian thought
  • To promote and undertake research into Western civilisation and its history by drawing on the tradition of great books
  • To contribute to the intellectual life of Campion College and its diocese
  • To foster inter-disciplinary teaching, discussion and research

The event must be staged at Campion College in Old Toongabbie in 2012. This Fund is open to scholars from all career stages and is awarded to an individual, not to an institution.

Applicants should explain, in around 1000 words:

  • The nature and aims of the proposed event
  • The relevance of the proposal to CSWT’s research strands and objectives
  • Expected publication and research outcomes
  • The use of funds

The deadline for the receipt of applications is Wednesday 1 February 2012

All enquiries and applications should be sent electronically to:

Dr Luciano Boschiero, Director, Centre for the Study of Western Tradition