Financial Aid

We believe that no student should ever miss out on a Campion education for financial reasons. We are committed to making our programme of Catholic Liberal Arts education as accessible as possible, by providing various means of financial assistance to students.

As an independent institution, Campion College does not receive any subsidy from Church or state, but relies heavily on contributions from donors, benefactors and charitable foundations. This generous support allows the College to provide financial assistance for students who, in some cases, would not otherwise be able to attend.

To be eligible to receive financial assistance, the applicant must be enrolled at Campion College Australia.

There are three types of financial assistance for which students may apply:

  • Scholarships: These are competitive and are awarded on the basis of merit.
  • Bursaries: These are awarded upon demonstration of financial need.
  • Work Scheme: Contract work with the College attracting remuneration.

Students may apply for one or all of the above. Please note that a student will only be awarded either a Scholarship or a Bursary but not both, in any given year. In cases where a student could be eligible for both, the benefit of the highest value would supersede that of the lower.

Australian residents may also be eligible for some form of government assistance from the Department of Human Services.