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Why choose Campion?

Campion offers a college experience like no other. As Australia’s first liberal arts college, our goal is to educate students to be leaders in society. Through a curriculum based on the traditional liberal arts model, we emphasise the ability to think critically, argue rationally, and express oneself clearly. These skills are central to the development of wise, creative and analytical individuals who are highly sought after by employers.

Classes are small so that we can provide personal, dedicated instruction, with students and lecturers cooperating actively in the pursuit of truth. Campion will not only give you a strong advantage in securing a career – it will give you the best chance of understanding and living life.



What you will study

Many people ask us,
“What is a Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts?”

The Liberal Arts is a broad study of Western Civilisation, focusing on history, literature, philosophy and theology. We cover the great texts, events and thinkers from classical antiquity to the present day, offering a truly broad and holistic education.

The Liberal Arts teaches students how to think, not what to think. This is done by forming students intellectually, liberating their minds to think critically and creatively.

It is a different approach to education, preparing students for leadership in various professions – including teaching, journalism, business, law, medicine and research.

“The education I received at Campion has been the foundation of my teaching career. My studies at Campion fostered in me a love of learning and knowledge, and a passion for educating and forming young people as individuals”

– Matthew Harradine

Winter Program

Campion College’s Winter Program provides an unparalleled opportunity to experience college life and a taste of the Campion College course. Our immersive three-day program provides the opportunity to reside on campus and interact with like-minded peers. We have a fun-filled program including a bonfire night, movies, trivia, dancing and sports, as well as sample lectures from our history, literature, philosophy and theology professors.

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How to apply

Receive an offer

Applying to study at Campion College is easy. Simply fill out the application form, upload a written statement and academic results, and attend a short interview with a member of our Academic Staff.

Tuition fees for Campion College can be deferred fully or partially through FEE-HELP, the federal government’s student loans scheme for eligible domestic students.

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