LAN203: Classical Latin III (Intermediate)

Key details

Unit typeElective unit
Credit points6
Indicative contact hours3 hours per week
PrerequisitesSee below
Offered inSemester 1
Tuition feeVisit www.campion.edu.au/tuition


This unit consolidates and builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in previous units. Students study the more advanced constructions in Latin. Depending on the cohort and the course of study in previous units, students may complete the formal study of Latin in this unit.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the unit students will have:

a) An understanding of the concepts of Latin grammar covered in this unit.
b) A deeper understanding of the material covered in previous units.
c) Knowledge of Latin vocabulary and grammar, including syntax, appropriate to this level.
d) An understanding of the problems connected with the study of ancient languages.
e) The ability to participate effectively and confidently in group work and practical exercises in tutorials.


Students may enrol in LAN203 if they have completed LAN102. Otherwise they may only enrol if they have a sufficiently advanced, and demonstrable, knowledge of Latin sufficient for this unit

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