Admission Pathways

Campion College has a number of admission pathways. The pathway relevant to you will be determined by your academic background:


GroupingAcademic entry requirements Minimum standard
Recent secondary education (results achieved within the last two years)

Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR)ATAR 70

Applicants with an ATAR over 65 may be eligible for enrolment after an ATAR adjustment as part of our Education Access Scheme

Current Year 12 students may be eligible for a conditional offer of enrolment before sitting their final exams when applying with Year 11/12 school reports as part of the Early Offer Scheme.

Students who complete Studies in Catholic Thought as part of their Higher School Certificate will be eligible for credit towards two units of study at Campion: THE101 and THE102.
International Baccaluareate (IB)Equivalent to ATAR 70 (Based on ACTAC annual recommendations)
Higher education study
Higher Education Course (HEP)One complete semester of study.

Students who complete humanities subjects that align with Campion's undergraduate units may be eligible for credit transfer.
Bridging or enabling courseSuccessful completion
Vocation education training (VET) study

Vocational Education Training (VET)One complete semester of study in a Certificate (AQF 4).
Other pathways
Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)Average score of 140 in Written English and Multiple Choice components.
Campion Bridging ProgramSuccessful completion of Campion's online short course, (Introduction to Western Civilisation).
Angelicum Academy Great Books Program (College track)Successful completion of two years.

Great Books Program students will be eligible for credit towards six units of study at Campion: HIS101, HIS102, LIT101, LIT102, PHI101 and PHI102.

Students who complete the Angelicum Academy’s two Fundamental Theology courses (Revelation and Christology and The Creed), will also be eligible for credit towards two units of study at Campion: THE101 and THE102.

These eight units of study make up the first year of Campion's three-year bachelor degree.
SATApplicants must register for the standard SAT test, which must include the following components:
(1) Evidence Based Reading and Writing:
(a) Reading Test
(b) Writing and Language Test
(2) Maths
(3)  Essay