Welcome to your virtual tour of Campion College. As you navigate through the pages in this section, you will find a series of interactive windows that will allow you to navigate through spaces on campus from the comfort of your home.


  • Use the navigation menu on the left-hand side or the ‘Next Section’/’Previous Section’ buttons to move between different areas on campus.
  • Click the play icon in the centre of the image.
  • Once the tour loads, drag your mouse throughout the image to pivot from a particular spot.
  • Click on the white arrows in the bottom right-hand corner to view different points in the tour (if available). Alternatively, you may “walk” through the space by clicking on the white circles that appear throughout the tour.
  • Click on the “Floor” tab in the bottom left-hand corner to view different floors in the tour (if available).


Campus map:

campus-map. Campion College Australia.

(1) Main building    (2) Dining Hall

(3) Jordan Hall    (4) Cheshire-Ryder Hall

(5) Library    (6) Austin Woodbury House

(7) Soccer field    (8) Volleyball court

(9) Pedestrian shortcut