Scholarships & Financial Aid

We believe that no student should ever miss out on a Campion education for financial reasons. We are committed to making our programme of liberal arts education as accessible as possible, by providing various means of financial aid to students. In fact, well over half of our undergraduate students receive either a needs-based bursary or a merit-based scholarship.


What is the difference between a scholarship and a bursary?

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of past achievements in the relevant field and on the understanding that a student will continue to pursue their interests in that field during their enrolment at Campion.

Bursaries are granted based on a student’s financial need only, which is why applicants are required to provide as much information as possible about their finances and their needs.


What scholarships are available?

Academic Excellence
$1,000 to $5,000 per semester
Awarded automatically on the basis of your 90+ ATAR or weighted average mark from the previous semester at Campion.

Media & Communications
$2,000 to $6,000 per annum
For students with media and communications experience.

Fine Arts & Performing Arts
$2,000 to $6,000 per annum
For students with artistic talents and skills.

$2,000 to $6,000 per annum
For students who demonstrate sporting excellence.

$2,000 to $6,000 per annum
For students who demonstrate innovative and enterprise driven leadership.

$2,000 to $6,000 per annum
Offered to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with their studies.


What bursaries are available?

Residential bursary
$2000 to $4000 per annum
Awarded upon demonstration of ongoing financial need to assist with the payment of residential fees.

Special circumstances bursary
$500 to $2000 per annum
One-off payments, awarded upon demonstration of short-term financial need.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander bursary
$2000 to $4000 per annum
Awarded to indigenous students who are experiencing financial difficulties.


Can I apply for a scholarship and a bursary at the same time?

Yes. In fact, it is a good idea to apply for both.


Can I receive more than one scholarship or a bursary on top of a scholarship?

Only one scholarship can be awarded per person at any one time.

Students on scholarships who experience financial stress, may also apply for financial aid (bursary). Students already receiving a bursary may apply for an increase to the amount awarded if they demonstrate that they are experiencing a change in circumstances which is adding to their financial need.


Do I need to re-apply for a scholarship or bursary each year?

No. Bursaries and most scholarships are awarded for the duration of your full-time studies. However, at the end of each year, recipients must submit a Scholarship Re-Appraisal Form to demonstrate your continued commitment to your studies and the scholarship criteria.


When should I apply for a scholarship or bursary?

Scholarship and bursary applications should be submitted after you have completed your enrolment form. If you are applying for financial aid for 2023, please note the application deadline is 8 February 2023.

You must complete a separate application for each scholarship/bursary you would like to apply for.

Scholarship applications should include:

  1. Scholarship Application form;
  2. Written statement (one page outlining why you believe you should be the recipient of this type of scholarship);
  3. Written references; and
  4. Awards, certificates and commendations (as appropriate).

Bursary applications should include:

  1. Bursary Application Form;
  2. Written Statement (one page outlining why you believe you should be the recipient of this type of bursary)
  3. Individual or family tax returns;
  4. Department of Human Services assessment of family entitlement to other benefits, such as Family Tax Benefit;
  5. Either: A Letter of Advice from the Department of Human Services regarding approval/refusal of benefits; or A copy of an estimate from the Department of Human Services online calculator, indicating estimated benefits based upon an accurate representation of financial circumstances; and
  6. Any other impartial financial assessments.


What other opportunities are available to help fund my studies?

Contract work with the college offering remuneration of up to $100 per week is available through the Work Scheme. Work Scheme applications are accepted during the first week of Semester 1.

Australian residents may also be eligible for some form of government assistance from the Department of Human Services.

Tuition fees can be deferred through the Australian Government’s FEE-HELP student loan scheme.


Detailed information about scholarships and bursaries can be found on the Campion College website.