New Campion College Student Association team announced

17 Dec 2021

Outgoing CCSA: (L-R) Secretary Sophia Shogren, President Campbell Evans and Treasurer Catherine Meese.

The new Campion College Student Executive for 2022 has been elected.

The outgoing executive team – newly-graduated Campbell Evans, Sophia Shogren and Catherine Meese – handed over the reigns to the new executive:

CCSA 2022: (L-R) Treasurer Bede Funnell, President Genevieve Colman, Secretary John Griffin

President: Genevieve Colman
Secretary: John Griffin
Treasurer: Bede Funnell


Outgoing CCSA Secretary Sophia has written a short reflection on the past year:

In an informal group video call with the student body, the 2022 Campion College Student Association Executive were ushered into their new roles and the 2021 Executive were farewelled.

It certainly wasn’t the handover any of us expected when we put our heads together in March and began planning our year ahead. However, it does demonstrate the resilience and unrelenting energy of the student body, even following one of the more challenging years the College has faced.

First semester was charged with energy as we initiated a new group into the traditions of the Campion student life. From Toga Party to St Patrick’s Day, we managed to return some normality to our social life – even amidst the unpredictability of COVID restrictions, which required we make very creative use of the outdoor spaces campus has to offer.


We inaugurated some new schemes and events, like partnerships with local businesses in our Perks Program, and the Beer Garden night, which saw a return of many alumni and friends to the campus for a night of live music and good company in the Glade.

Second semester brought with it lockdown and online classes, with a slow trickle of residential students coming back to Toongabbie as the semester progressed. Keeping the students connected was going to be a challenge, but with some online events and a Study Care Package exchange, we did the best we could!

The experience of serving the student body in the capacity of the CCSA has taught us to be creative with the resources we have available to us, to negotiate our way to agreeable outcomes, and to keep morale high even when things are getting tough.

I know I speak for my fellow executive when I say this year – as challenge-filled as it was – has given rise to memories and friendships that will endure for a long time to come. We have every confidence that the incoming CCSA executive – Genevieve, John and Bede – will be outstanding in their service to the student body, and we cannot wait to see their vision for 2022 become a reality.


CCSA New and Old: (L-R) Sophia Shogren, John Griffin, Genevieve Colman, Campbell Evans, Catherine Meese and Bede Funnell.

CCSA New and Old: (L-R) Sophia Shogren, John Griffin, Genevieve Colman, Campbell Evans, Catherine Meese and Bede Funnell.