Register for the Chesterton Conference 2019

19 Sep, 2019

Saturday 19 October 2019

8.45am – 5.15pm

Campion College Australia


The 2019 conference will explore Chesterton’s social philosophy of Distributism in an economic environment marked by the forces of bigness, nationally and globally – big businesses and corporations, big government and, most recently, big social media networks.  

It will address the need for a radical rethinking, and restructuring, of today’s economic systems, both nationally and globally.  Papers will examine Chesterton’s vision of Distributism, proposing a wide distribution of ownership, both personal and family, which would stimulate and support productive enterprise, and extend economic freedom as a necessary foundation of social freedom.  Of special interest will be references to the 19th century American economist Henry George, and the relationship of his ground-breaking ideas to Chesterton’s social and economic philosophy.

Speakers will include:

Fr Tony Percy on papal teaching and economic freedom, focusing especially on the teachings of Pope Leo XIII, Pius XI and Pius XII;

Dr Garrick Small on the marketplace and the family;

Fr Paul Stenhouse MSC on the 19th century Australian social and economic reformer, John Farrell; and

Karl Schmude on the imaginative roots of Chesterton’s Distributist philosophy in his earliest poems and prose writings.