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Explore the Eternal City through its language and its legacy. Read pagan and Christian Latin texts in their original home and explore the visions of Rome through the eyes of writers across the centuries.Trace the evolution of the function and meaning of the city of Rome through the examination of key public spaces and monuments.

The program includes a combination of lectures, tutorials along with excursions and debriefings.

Included excursions:

  • The major historical sites in Rome including the Vatican acropolis and Colosseum;
  • The Archaeological Parks of Via Appia and Ostia;
  • A four-day tour to Florence.

A complete program of the course will be available soon. The program will be held at St. John’s University campus in Rome, located within walking distance from Vatican City. Final assessments for the credit-earning students will be held on return to Sydney.

Units of Study

Students may enrol in:

  • Latin (LAN205) The Eternal City: Language & Public Space in Imperial Rome; or;
  • History (HIS303) Humanists & Reformists: The Renaissance.

These units are worth 6 credit points each. The tuition fee for each is $1,995 (Students should check with their home institution before enrolling as credit-earning students). Those who do not wish to earn credits pay a nominal tuition fee of $990.00.

Prerequisite for LAN205: at least two introductory units of Latin.

No Prerequisite for HIS303


The total cost of the land component is approximately $2,850 – $3,000 and includes: accommodation in Rome; walking and bus excursions (including entry fees to all visited sites); a four-day excursion in Florence including accommodation. Tuition fees are to be paid separately. This cost does not include airfares, which students must arrange independently


Enrolments close on 1 September 2017. Late enrolments may be considered

Further Information

For further information, or to discuss your suitability and competence in Latin, contact:

Mr Thomas Flynn, Polding Lecturer in Classics, (+61) 02 9896 9331  t.flynn@campion.edu.au

For the History Program, contact:

Dr Luciano Boschiero (+61) 02 9896 9320


For other information contact:

Irina Namroud, (+61) 02 9896 9325


Please fill out all fields of this form carefully before submission.

Registration of Interest Form

Please complete and submit this form by Monday 5 June 2017, in order to determine a number of prospective participants for the 2018 Rome School and viability of the program. The program may only be approved for 15 + participants. Completion of this form is not binding.


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