Please note the following:

LIT301, and HIS301 have been allotted one hour only on the timetable. Due to the small number of enrolments in these units, the units will be taught in Directed Study Mode, which involves only one hour of face-to-face teaching per week. In the event the enrolment figures change for one or more of these units, the timetable will be adjusted accordingly.

Arrangements for classes in LAN301, GRE201, and GRE301 are to be made between student and lecturer. As such, these units do not appear on the timetable.

Please note that there are now three tutorials planned for THE101.

If a unit in which you have enrolled does not appear on the timetable, please contact your unit coordinator for more details.

Please read over the timetable carefully. Be sure to enrol in tutorial groups that do not clash with your other units.




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