Job Seeking

Job seeking is a reality both for current students seeking to support themselves through their study, and graduates taking their first steps along their future career paths.

The jobs market has changed rapidly over the last decade, providing diverse opportunities beyond, though including, the traditional career paths. The links on this page provide help in finding work to suit you, and planning out a career path.

Finding jobs is a time-consuming task. There are a number of key jobs sites in Australia that provide searchable databases of available opportunities across the country. Many of them also contain further advice for job seekers.

The links below provide help in planning a career; from finding work areas in industries that match your skills or interests, to understanding predictions about the future of the workforce and opportunities in Australia. Use these to help you think about your future post-study.

Monash University: Develop a Career Plan

If you’re unsure of what your future career might look like, use these career self-assessment tests for suggestions based on your interests, talents, and experience


My Plan.Com

CareerWise Education iSeek Cluster Test

Open Colleges

What Career is Right for Me?