The sporting scene at Campion is an important facet of the community spirit on which the college prides itself. The main sport played on campus is football/soccer, as it allows for mixed competition as well as plenty of excitement. The jewel in the crown of Campion’s soccer competitions is the annual gala-style President’s Plate. The tournament is always a wonderful occasion packed with colour. The footballing calendar has also featured the fiercely contested biannual Day Rats vs Rezzies series (three matches per series), the seven-week Gee Up Cup season and an annual send-off match for the year’s graduates. The vast majority of these competitions have been played on the purpose-built Paul Kennedy Pitch located on campus. Campion also competes in the annual Cardinal’s Cup futsal tournament for Catholic groups in Sydney.

Other sporting traditions are growing as the college does. A league-based debating season made its debut in 2011 following years of one-off events. There are weekly basketball and/or volleyball games held on or near the college grounds depending on the time of year. A round-robin chess tournament lasts several months and ends in a grand final of truly epic proportions. The Classics Society hosts annual ‘Olympic games’ on campus. Fencing, AFL, tennis and olympic-style boxing have enjoyed renewed interest of late. Ultimately if there is enough interest in getting a particular sport up and running, it can and has happened.