Students get insight into medicine and politics from Campion alumni

13 Oct 2021

Sr M Luka Juenemann
Student Life and Alumni Relations Officer

Last night, our alumni shared their experiences and insights in politics and medicine with current students in a Zoom careers session.

Eve Woolven (class of 2009) shared her eventful journey into nursing and encouraged students to develop their skills and “just start” on their career journey after graduating.

Awtel Power (class of 2016), a current medicine student and surgical theatre assistant at Perth Children’s Hospital, conveyed how an undergraduate degree in the liberal arts and a postgraduate degree in medicine go well together and will make him a “critical thinking doctor that can actively assess new medical information and make informed decisions with his patients”.

Siobhan Reeves (class of 2011) told students that besides her career in public service and policy making, she spent time working for a Timorese healthcare NGO, as well as volunteering for Leprosy Mission Australia. As not every interest can be turned into a career, volunteering can be very rewarding.

Mary Winkels (class of 2011) is engaged in public health, and spoke about her work in the aged care sector and end of life issues. She pointed out that it is worthwhile to pursue a career in this growing sector.

Paul O’Donovan (class of 2011), a leader in defence and government strategy consulting, highlighted the importance of applying the “big picture thinking” gained through a liberal arts degree to problem solving in concrete situations. Campion students are well-placed to pursue leadership positions in their respective fields. It takes commitment and perseverance to get there.

In the Q&A part of the evening, students asked questions about how to uphold one’s ethical and faith-based convictions in an often hostile political and medical climate. They learnt that while they should never give in to those who ask them to betray their principles, positive change is possible in areas such as policy making. However, they have to be prepared for challenges.

In terms of career development it is important to look out for the opportunities which help one to experience a certain job environment. As choosing a career path can be daunting, it is okay to trial different things and be open for the opportunities that open up in the process.

Students commented that the career night was very interesting and insightful. They were amazed at the achievements of Campion’s alumni and were glad to hear how the evening’s presenters got to where they are now.

If you are a member of Campion’s alumni and would like to help out with future career events, please indicate your availability in this form.