Theology Thursdays

Theology Thursdays is a weekly video podcast featuring Campion College president and theology professor Dr Paul Morrissey. Each week, Dr Morrissey explores an aspect of Catholic theology, breaking it down into bite-sized pieces to make the richness of the Church’s theological tradition more accessible. Subscribe to Campion’s YouTube channel to receive a notification whenever a new episode is released.

This week’s episode focuses on the Catholic view of the human person, looking at original sin, the ‘Imago Dei’ and the concept of freedom.

Dr Morrissey wraps up the three-part discussion about who Jesus is in Episode 06 by looking at three Christological truths

In Episode 05, Dr Morrissey continues the discussion about who Jesus is by exploring the New Testament.

‘Who do you say that I am?’ Jesus asks the Disciples. Dr Morrissey attempts to answer this weighty question across a three-part series, beginning with the Old Testament.

How should we read the Bible? How do we interpret it? Where do we even start? Dr Paul Morrissey gives a brief summary of the Catholic theology regarding interpretation of Scripture in the third episode of Theology Thursdays.

Episode 02 continues the Easter theme, looking at bodily resurrection, specifically the four qualities of a resurrected body, according to St Thomas Aquinas.

Episode 01 dives into the Feast of Easter in light of the Coronavirus pandemic crisis, during which most of us are forced to celebrate at home. Dr Morrissey gives some insight into the theology behind the Church’s greatest feast day.