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About Campion

As Australia’s first tertiary liberal arts college, Campion has the privilege of offering a unique tertiary experience.

Inspired by the great traditions of higher learning in the liberal arts going back to Plato’s Academy and drawing from the educational models of more recent liberal arts colleges in Europe and North America, Campion offers an integrated study of the humanities and sciences at the core of the Western intellectual tradition. Our undergraduate degree focuses on core units in history, literature, philosophy, theology and science, with optional units in mathematics, Latin and Ancient Greek. 

Nowhere else in Australia will you find a college as dedicated to its students. Class sizes are small ensuring everyone has the opportunity to contribute. Learning also extends beyond the classroom, whether that be in the form of unparalleled access to the academics, in communal living settings or through the various events and activities that characterise Campion’s vibrant campus atmosphere. 

As a relatively young college, Campion is proud of its track record for ranking #1 in Australia for learner engagement and reporting 100% graduate satisfaction (QILT). We delight in staying connected with our alumni as they pursue successful careers in teaching, journalism, business, law, medicine, evangelisation, academia, politics and more.

Undergraduate prospectus

Your all-inclusive guide to the history of Campion College, our courses, the admissions process and life on campus.

Benefits of a liberal arts education

Exposing students to a broad range of units at undergraduate level provides the opportunity to foster intellectual and personal development before pursuing vocational specialisation. This helps students to make a more informed choice about their career path and future-proof their professional lives. A typical liberal arts graduate will complete further studies to obtain the technical skills they need for a particular profession. In this way, they can build on their foundational degree, specialising as and when needed rather than investing considerable time and money on what may end up being a relatively short-lived career. Increasingly, employers are reporting that they are prioritising ‘soft’ skills gained in a liberal arts degree – like critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication skills – over university qualifications when recruiting recent graduates.

On-demand presentations

Open Day Webcast

Find out more about Campion College and the liberal arts! This video will answer four questions:

1. What is a liberal arts education?
2. What can I study at Campion?
3. What does the application process look like?
4. What can I look forward to about life on campus?

Runtime: 15 minutes

What is a liberal arts education?

Learn more about the history and benefits of a liberal arts education.

Runtime: 6 minutes

Campion's liberal arts degree

Find out more about the structure of Campion’s liberal arts degree and some of the highlights of campus life.

Runtime: 10 minutes

Our courses

Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts

Campion’s three-year degree offers a uniquely integrated study of history, literature, philosophy and theology.

Diploma of Liberal Arts


Students complete the first year of Campion’s Bachelor degree, undertaking Level 100 units in the core disciplines.

Diploma of Classical Languages

Undertaken concurrently with the Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts, teaching students Latin and Ancient Greek.

Campus life

Located in the heart of Western Sydney, the beautiful grounds and charming buildings of Campion College provide the perfect envrionment for study, reflection, student life and residential living. 

Our campus comprises 10 acres of wooded land with modern lecture halls, classrooms, the college library, a chapel, sporting areas and dining facilities. We also offer individual dormitories and shared rooms for those interested in becoming residential students.

Virtual campus tour

How to apply

The admission process

Applications to study at Campion are made directly via our website. You will be required to upload an academic transcript and a written statement with your application form. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to arrange a short interview with one of our academics.

We are currently accepting applications for Semester 1 2022, which commences on 28 February 2022.

Eager to find out more?

If you’re curious about Campion College and our liberal arts degree, consider joining us for one of our Summer or Winter Programs! Our immersive four-day programs provide the opportunity to reside on campus, interact with like-minded peers and experience sample lectures from our history, literature, philosophy and theology professors. We have a fun-filled program including movies, trivia, dancing and sports, as well as a day-trip to either the heart of Sydney or one of Australia’s famous beaches.

Our Summer and Winter Programs are free to attend thanks to our generous donors. All you have to do is organise your transport to and from the college (we coordinate group transfers to and from from Sydney airport for those traveling by plane or coach). Click on the images below to find out more and register your interest.

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