EXPERT REVEALS: Why Christianity is Essential to Australia’s Western Democracy…

… and why we cannot afford to airbrush Christianity out of the education system!

Politically correct cancel culture is trying to remove references to Christianity from our education system.

But have you ever stopped to consider what we would lose if young minds weren’t taught about Christianity’s impact on our society?

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You’ll broaden your thinking today to understand the important connection between the ideals of Christianity in Ancient Greece, Rome, Israel and Australia with this video that explains:

Why Western civilisation is essential to Australian education.’

It’s important for you to know how to speak up with a well-informed voice.

Because today’s culture is seeking to cancel the voices – and even cancel the careers – of many people who’d publicly stand for the tenets of their faith and their relevance in modern society.

So get equipped with the wisdom you need to speak up with more courage and conviction.

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