Home-schooled Students

Home-schooled Students

Every year, Campion College welcomes students from a variety of educational backgrounds. Since its inception, Campion has attracted many students who have come from a home-schooling context. In fact, many of our top academic achievers, including winners of the College Medal, have been home-schooled.

There are a variety of admission pathways for home-schooled applicants including:

Introduction to Western Civilisation provides a solid foundation for your tertiary studies in the liberal arts. It is an alternative entry pathway for students seeking admission to our three-year Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts or one-year Diploma of Liberal Arts.

This online short course is self-paced and delivered through an online learning portal containing 13 pre-recorded lectures. This means you can start at any time and study at your own pace.

In order to be eligible for admission:

  • The online course must be completed no more than six months prior to the commencement of your study at Campion;
  • You must also be at least 17 years of age; and
  • You must have completed or must be currently in their final year of secondary schooling (Year 12 or equivalent)

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If you did not receive a formal secondary-level qualification (e.g., a Higher School Certificate, Victorian Certificate of Education or Queensland Certificate of Education) upon finishing your secondary education, you may become eligible to apply for admission to Campion College by completing the STAT (Special Tertiary Admission Test) or SAT.

Click here for more information about STAT.

Click here for more information about SAT.

Students who have completed a minimum of three courses offered through The Parousia Academy may be eligible for admission to Campion College’s undergraduate program.

Students wishing to gain admission to Campion College via this pathway should visit www.parousiamedia.com/academy/ to enrol in The Parousia Academy courses. Students should also pay the assessment fee for each course in order to receive a course completion certificate, which will then be uploaded as part of the standard Campion College application process.

Applicants using this pathway should have completed or be in the process of completing their Year 12 studies.

It possible to become eligible to apply for admission to Campion College by completing two years of the Angelicum Academy’s four-year online Great Books Program.

For more information, please see here and here on the Angelicum Academy’s website.

It is also possible to become eligible to apply for admission to Campion College by completing the one-year (full-time) Certificate IV in the Liberal Arts at the Augustine Academy.

For more information, please see the Augustine Academy’s website here.