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Our Bachelor of Arts degree has been rated the first in the country by student satisfaction, according to the latest QILT Student Experience Survey.

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Our Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts offers a uniquely integrated study of history, literature, philosophy and theology.

A campus like no other

...in the heart of Western Sydney. It's the perfect space for study, reflection, student life and residential living.

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Welcome to Campion, Australia’s first liberal arts college!

Located in Sydney, Campion offers a broad program in the liberal arts, educating students in humanities and sciences which lie at the core of the Western intellectual tradition. In doing so, our curriculum prepares students for both work and life.

With the highest student satisfaction rates of any tertiary education provider in Australia and the #1 Bachelor of Arts degree according to the latest Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) results, Campion offers an unparalleled educational experience, giving students a huge advantage in securing a career post studies.


Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts

Campion’s three-year undergraduate degree offers a uniquely integrated study of history, literature, philosophy and theology.

Diploma of Liberal Arts

Students complete the first year of Campion’s Bachelor degree, undertaking Level 100 units in the core disciplines.

Diploma of Classical Languages

Undertaken concurrently with the Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts, students learn Latin and Ancient Greek.

Graduate Certificate in Religious Education (Primary)

Professional development for Religious Education teachers or postgrad students seeking a foundational degree in theology.

10 Reasons to Study at Campion

1. Number 1 Bachelor of Arts in Australia
2. Number 1 in Australia for learner engagement
3. 100% graduate satisfaction
4. Australia’s standout institution for Western Civilisation studies
5. Campion fosters a love of learning
6. Learn how to think, not what to think
7. Combine studies in the liberal arts and classical languages
8. Campion nurtures an authentic Catholic environment
9. Campion provides a foundational education for life
10. Campion is endorsed by prominent public figures


Campion College offers a range of scholarships that reward students for excellence and assist individuals who might otherwise struggle financially to undertake tertiary studies. We encourage you to review the different scholarships on offer by visiting the page below and get in touch if you have any questions about scholarships, fees and enrolment.


Campion College’s student accommodation facilities are all on-site, located within the grounds of the College. There are two kinds of student accommodation available: residential dormitories and residential houses. Male and female students reside in separate residential areas and we offer a number of additional services and amenities including catered meals. All students who receive a letter of offer are eligible to apply.

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Summer Program – January 2021

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