Unit Outlines


Unit Outlines

Campion College has a number of units on offer as part of its undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Students who do not wish to enrol in a full course may undertake individual units. Click here to find out more. 



HIS101Western Societies from Antiquity to the Present
HIS102The Ancient World – From the Birth of Greek Rationalism to the Crisis of the Roman Republic
HIS203The Early Church and the Roman Empire – From the Principate of Augustus to the Reign of Justinian
HIS204The Medieval World
HIS301Topics in Twentieth-Century History
HIS302Australian Politics, Culture and Religion since 1788
HIS303Humanists and Reformers – The Renaissance
HIS304Enlightenment Europe and the Creation of the Modern World



LIT101Composition and Literature
LIT102Literature of the Western World – Ancient
LIT201Literature of the Western World – Medieval and Renaissance
LIT202Literature of the Western World – Milton to Modern
LIT301The Search for Meaning in Twentieth Century Literature
LIT302Australian Literature
LIT303The Catholic Imagination in Modern Literature



PHI101PHI101: Introduction to Philosophy
PHI102PHI102: Metaphysics
PHI201PHI201: Medieval Philosophy
PHI202PHI202: Moral Philosophy
PHI301PHI301: Modern Philosophy
PHI302PHI302: Social and Political Philosophy
PHI303PHI303: Philosophy of Language
PHI304PHI304: Twentieth Century Analytic Philosophy
PHI305PHI305: Intensive Study of a Text in Classical Philosophy
PHI306PHI306: Intensive Study of a Text in Modern Philosophy



THE101Theological Foundations of Christian Culture
THE102The Development of Revelation
THE201Sacramental Theology
THE202Fundamental Moral Theology
THE301Theology of the Post-Conciliar Era
THE302Bioethics and the Catholic Tradition
THE303Moral and Sexual Integrity
THE304Public Morality and Catholic Social Ethics



SCI303The History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science
SCI304The Darwinian Revolution
SCI305Human Biology I
SCI306Human Biology II
SCI307History of the Mathematical Sciences – From Antiquity to the Present
SCI308Introduction to Formal Logic



MAT101Introduction to Mathematical Thought
MAT102Single Variable Calculus
MAT103Social Issues and Mathematics
MAT104Statistical Thinking



LAN101Classical Latin I
LAN102Classical Latin II
LAN203Classical Latin III
LAN204Classical Latin IV
LAN301Language and Culture in Late Republican Rome
LAN302Pagans and Christians from Augustus to Augustine
LAN305The Eternal City from Paganism to Christianity



GRE101Classical Greek I
GRE102Classical Greek II
GRE201Classical Greek III
GRE202Classical Greek IV
GRE301The Main Themes of Greek Literature
GRE302The Genres of Greek Literature



RED501Historical Context of Catholic Teaching
RED502Catechesis in Sacramental Theology
RED503Challenges and Strategies in Religious Education
RED504Introduction to Biblical Studies



STU101Study Skills