HIS204: The Medieval World


HIS204: The Medieval World

Key details

Accredited towardsBachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts
Unit typeCore unit
Credit points6
Indicative contact hours3 hours per week
Offered inSemester 2
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This unit presents a survey of the formative era of Christendom, covering the rise of Christian culture after the fall of Rome until the end of the fourteenth century. More specifically, students will study how and why the Carolingian Empire rose to prominence during the eighth century, the issues at stake for the European monarchies and the Church during the investiture conflict of the twelfth century, and the philosophical, religious, and technological expansion of Europe during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Special attention will be given to the historiographical debates regarding the ways in which we characterise and describe the events of the Middle Ages.


Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit of study, students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate an understanding of the problems connected with the study of the medieval world.
  2. understand, identify, describe and evaluate the essential roots of Western Civilisation.
  3. articulate a detailed understanding of the some of the key developments in medieval culture, including the intellectual, social, artistic and political.
  4. evaluate critically the textual traditions of the age and the problems associated with their historical transmission.
  5. use a wide range of primary sources in reconstructing events and processes of the medieval world.
  6. engage in independent research and to evaluate critically conflicting scholarship in the field.
  7. write well-argued and well-structured essays and appropriately use references bibliographies according to academic conventions.



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