LIB401: Research Topics


LIB401: Research Topics

Key details

Accredited towardsBachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts (Honours)
Unit typeCore unit
Credit points12
Indicative contact hours2 hours per week
Personal study16 hours per week
Offered inSemester 1
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This unit involves the student’s development of an in-depth study of a particular research area. Students ordinarily will be required to select a topic in which they have undertaken prior undergraduate study in either History, Literature, Philosophy or Theology. Students will undertake research on the topic, including research methods in the relevant area, with the guidance of a supervisor. In the process, students will gain experience carrying out advanced independent research by choosing a thesis topic, writing a research proposal, exploring and developing appropriate research methods; and refining their approach to writing a research paper. This experience will be aided by students’ work in LIB402 and prepare them for writing the Honours thesis (LIB403).


Learning outcomes

Successful completion of this unit will enable students to:

  1. Identify a specific topic for an Honours thesis;
  2. Design a research proposal;
  3. Develop a thesis outline;
  4. Evaluate research methods;
  5. Develop different modes (visual, oral, written) of expressing and complementing the outline/proposal;
  6. Consider ethical issues relevant to the research project and plan accordingly;
  7. Confidently deliver a seminar presentation to academic staff on a proposed research topic.



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