Career Prospects

Career Prospects

Liberal arts degrees produce graduates who can adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world. They are flexible in their work environment and outlook, possess superior communication skills and are capable of reasoned and critical analysis. This opens up employment opportunities in a range of fields including media, education, law, business, medicine, evangelisation, politics and more.

Upon completion of a liberal arts degree, a student will either enter the workforce, begin a graduate program or enrol in postgraduate studies. The pathway chosen will vary depending on individual preferences and the chosen profession or industry. All Campion College students have access to career mentoring to help determine the best pathways to achieve their goals.


Career guides

Our career guides provide students with further information on how a liberal arts degree can serve as a foundation for success in business, health, politics, media, education and law. Each guide includes suggested post-Campion pathways and testimonials from our past students. 

Please click on the covers below to view each guide. If you would like pathway information for fields not listed below, please contact our Student Recruitment Manager on (02) 9896 9303 or via study@campion.edu.au

Career Guide – Business
Career Guide – Education
Career Guide – Health
Career Guide – Law
Career Guide – Media
Career Guide – Politics


Fun fact:
One-third of companies on the Fortune 500 have a current or past CEO with a liberal arts degree.


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