QILT Results

QILT Results

The Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) are a suite of government endorsed surveys for higher education. Each year, every tertiary student in the country is invited to participate in the Student Experience Survey. This survey asks students to provide feedback on six metrics: overall quality of educational experience, teaching quality, learner engagement, learning resources, student support and skills development.

Campion is proud to report outstanding results each year that easily surpass the results of major universities. These results confirm our consistent commitment to excellence and ability to offer the #1 Bachelor of Arts in Australia.

Please see below for our 2021 Student Experience Survey results. We invite you to compare our results with other institutions at the ComparED website.


Learner Engagement

#1 in Australia


97.8% of students were positive about their interactions (National average: 46.6%)

Student Support

#3 in Australia


97.8% of students rated support services and learning advice positively (National average: 73.1%)

Quality of Experience

#3 in Australia


95.5% of students had a positive overall experience (National average: 70.9%)

Teaching Quality

#3 in Australia


98.9% of students rated teaching practices positively (National average: 78.7%)

Skills Development

#4 in Australia


96.6% of students were positive about their skills development (National average: 78.7%)

Learning Resources

#1 in Australia


98.8% of students were happy with facilities and resources (National average: 78.1%)