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Fund a Scholarship or Bursary

The Campion Foundation is a private, non-profit organisation that supports Campion College with a program of fundraising and administration of gifts. The Foundation works closely with the College in building a solid financial base for Campion and directing gifts to the College’s most important needs.

While support for the College comes in a variety of forms, we ask you to consider contributing to our Scholarship and Bursary Campaign. This is a very important way you can support our students, especially those who come from interstate, rural and regional Australia. These families make great sacrifices to ensure their children receive the most rewarding undergraduate education in the country.

We can see how their lives and careers have been impacted by having the opportunity to receive a scholarship or bursary which helped them gain a rich liberal arts education through Campion College.

“As a fresh Campion graduate, I have fully appreciated the value of an in-depth study of Western civilisation in my role as a Digital Producer at Sky News… My first year at Campion College opened my eyes to the complexity of human thought, human history and the human condition. The dynamic interplay of factors on the historical stage such as brokenness and redemption, mind and matter, and faith and reason were brought to life by inspiring lectures and engaging tutorial discussions. I have been impacted and changed by the goodness, truth and beauty that is present not only in the liberal arts but also in the staff and students of Campion.” – Brianna

“Whilst it may have been an alternative pathway to Occupational Therapy, the liberal arts have enriched my understanding of humanity, society and culture and cultivated in me the desire to search for and uphold the good, true and beautiful in every person and everything.” – Anna

“After nearly four years with the Regular Army, I’m preparing to apply for RMC-Duntroon to commission as a General Service Officer… My education at Campion has served me well, imparting me with adaptability, flexibility and good public speaking skills.” – Brendan

Donations to the Scholarship and Bursary Campaign can be any amount starting from $2,000. You can make a general donation to this fund or work with us to establish a specific scholarship or bursary for our students. If the latter is your preference, most donors pledge for three years in order to support a student for the duration of their undergraduate degree, however you can also donate for a period of your choice.

All donations are tax-deductible.


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