Fund a Scholarship

Fund a Scholarship or Bursary

While support for the College comes in a variety of forms, we ask you to consider contributing to our Scholarship and Bursary Campaign. This is a very important way you can support our students, especially those who come from interstate, rural and regional Australia. These families make great sacrifices to ensure their children receive the most rewarding undergraduate education in the country.

We recently asked the Draybi family why they chose to support Campion College Scholarship program. The response was as follows:

“Our late father Mr Tony Draybi always believed in giving young people a chance. Dad was especially a strong believer and advocate in education and loved and valued lifelong learning. He often used to say to us ‘study never finishes’ and encouraged us all to develop and embrace the power of education. We are honoured and blessed to be raised by such an amazing man who prepared us for life and showed us the way to Jesus. Dad taught us the lessons for life through his wisdom and unending service to others. He taught us the privilege and honour of living a life of service to God. We will always be guided by his examples and are determined to continue his incredible legacy to love and live a humble life of hard work and dedication to our family and community.


Mr Draybi RIP Mrs Draybi

Mr Draybi (RIP) & Mrs Draybi

As a family we decided what better way to ensure that his legacy lives on than to support the things he valued the most; education and giving opportunities to others. We are proud to support the Campion College scholarship program in honour of our beautiful father and know he will be proud that this program will give young adults a chance to access education and have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills as they continue on their journey in life. We hope dad’s legacy lives on in this program and makes a difference to the lives of others in the way he helped shape ours.

In loving memory of our wonderful father who we are immensely proud of and miss so dearly everyday.”


Donations to the Scholarship and Bursary Campaign can be any amount starting from $2,000. You can make a general donation to this fund or work with us to establish a specific scholarship or bursary for our students. If the latter is your preference, most donors pledge for three years in order to support a student for the duration of their undergraduate degree, however you can also donate for a period of your choice.

All donations are tax-deductible.


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