Early Offer Scheme

Early Offer Scheme

Campion’s Early Offer Scheme allows Year 12 students and non-high school leavers to fast track your Letter of Offer. As part of your application, you will need to submit a written statement and community recommendation. Additionally, you will undertake an interview with one of our academics. These stages in the process will allow you to demonstrate your readiness for tertiary study, your commitment to the liberal arts tradition and your potential to make meaningful contributions to the Campion College community based on your previous educational, vocational and community involvement.

The application window for 2024 applicants has now closed. Please click here to learn more about our standard admission process.

Early Offer Scheme details for 2025 applicants will be available in May 2024.


Benefits of Early Offer Scheme

Added confidence

Reduce your stress knowing your place at Campion is already secured.

Seamless transition

From the moment you accept your offer, you will have the full support of our staff as you enrol, apply for scholarships and transition to college life.


When you apply for Campion’s Early Offer Scheme, you will be automatically considered for a Campion scholarship for your first semester.



FAQS for 2024 applicants

What dates do I need to I need to know?


Applications open Monday 1 May 2023
Applications close Sunday 8 October 2023

Admission offers

Once all components of your online application have been received and you have completed your online interview, you will receive a notification about the outcome of your application within two weeks.

Enrolment deadline

If you receive a Letter of Offer, you will be required to enrol within two months of the date on your Letter of Offer.
We encourage you to accept your offer straight away to lock in your plans for 2024.

Scholarship offers

Scholarship offers associated with the Early Offer Scheme will be distributed in November 2023. Applicants who do not receive a scholarship offer under the Early Offer Scheme will be encouraged to apply for other scholarships and bursaries.


What do I need to include in my written statement?

Applicants must respond to the following topics as part of their written statement:

    • Describe your knowledge of, and interest in, the Liberal Arts.
    • Describe your educational experience to date (this may include such topics as: your preferred subjects in school; your interest in reading and writing; or whether you have overcome any hardships in your schooling).
    • Describe your commitment to student life (the may include interest in student clubs and societies or extra-curricular activities).
    • Do you believe you possess leadership qualities or the potential to thrive in leadership roles?

Each of these topics requires a response. You should keep your response between 200-300 words for each question. Please type your responses in a Word document ready to upload with your online application.


What should I do if my STAT results won’t be available before the application deadline?

Please get in contact with our Student Recruitment Manager on (02) 9896 9303 or via study@campion.edu.au to notify us of when you will be sitting your STAT tests and when your results will be available. You will be encouraged to proceed with submitting an online application (including your written statement and community recommendation) before the application deadline and receive a conditional offer if your application is successful.


Do I need to provide a community recommendation?

The community recommendation is an essential part of your Early Offer Scheme application. If you do not wish to provide a community recommendation, we encourage you to follow our standard application process instead. Please note that standard applications cannot be automatically considered for the scholarships associated with the Early Offer Scheme.


When will I complete my academic interview? What should I expect?

Once you have submitted your online application form, we will be in contact to arrange your academic interview. The interview provides an opportunity for Campion College to assess your:

    • Knowledge of, and interest, in the Liberal Arts;
    • Understanding of course expectations;
    • Commitment to study;
    • Reading interests;
    • Commitment to College life.

It also gives you an opportunity to seek more information about the course and student life at the College.

Where possible, interviews are conducted face-to-face. Otherwise, an interview may be conducted via video call or over the phone.


Do I need to provide certified copies of my school reports/academic transcript?

A certified copy is a copy of an official document which an authorised officer has verified as a true copy of the original. You are welcome to upload a digital/non-certified copy of your school reports/academic transcript with your online application form and post certified copies to Campion at a later date.

Only authorised officers can certify documents. These include:

    • Justice of the Peace (JP)
    • Pharmacist
    • Australia Post Office personnel
    • Barrister or solicitor
    • Member of the clergy
    • Full-time primary, secondary or tertiary teacher
    • Registered medical practitioner

Before certifying a document, the authorised officer must ensure that each page being certified is an identical copy of the original.

The authorised officer Certification must include the following statement:

I certify that this is a true copy of the document produced to me on (date)
Qualification (e.g. JP, Pharmacist)
Contact details

When will I receive an offer?

Once all components of your application have been received and you have completed your academic interview, you will receive an email notifying you of the outcome of your application within two weeks.


Will my offer come with any conditions?

If you are a Year 12 student, your offer will be conditional on receiving a minimum ATAR of 70. Interstate and IB equivalents are also accepted.

If you are a non-high school leaver who will receive STAT results after the application deadline, your offer will be conditional on receiving a score equivalent to an ATAR of 70. The minimum score varies annually but this is currently 140 or above in each component (Written English and Multiple Choice).


What happens if I receive a conditional offer and subsequently receive an ATAR/OP/IB/STAT score that is below Campion College’s minimum requirement?

If you receive an admission rank that is below Campion College’s minimum requirement (ATAR of 70 or equivalent), you can:

    • apply for the Educational Access Scheme (EAS); or
    • enrol via Provisional Enrolment


What is the Education Access Scheme?

This scheme helps students who have experienced long-term educational disadvantage to gain admission to the College. The maximum adjustment to an ATAR score is five points, based on the assessed level of demonstrated hardship. The EAS is available to students who have been impeded in their studies due to disadvantage in one or more of the following six categories:

Category Example
Disrupted schooling • Attending different secondary schools during senior years
• Moving interstate after Year 11
• Disruption to final year studies due to COVID-19
Financial hardship • Receiving Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY
• Parent or guardian receiving Job Keeper or Job Seeker for at least three months from March 2020 onwards
• Receiving other Centrelink means-tested benefits
Home environment • Death of an immediate family member/close friend
• Life-threatening/severe illness of an immediate family member/close friend
• Divorce or separation of parents or applicant
Personal illness/disability • Disability or long-term medical condition
Rural or regional schooling • Attended a rural or regional school during Year 11 and/or 12
School environment • Studying Year 12 subjects through distance education

Additional examples under the six categories may also be considered.

Students wishing to apply for the Education Access scheme should download the EAS application form, available via this link.


What is Provisional Enrolment?

Applicants whose academic background falls below the minimum entry required for admission may be considered for Provisional Enrolment.

The applicant must be able to demonstrate their potential to succeed at Campion College.

Applicants admitted as provisional students enrol in three units in their first semester – two units chosen from the standard first year subjects and STU101 Study Skills, a bridging subject designed to strengthen basic study skills.

Provisional students can progress to full Standard Enrolment if they achieve at least two Pass or one Credit results.

For further information or to apply for provisional enrolment, please contact study@campion.edu.au.


Can I defer my offer is I am successful?

Newly-enrolled students may postpone the commencement of their studies for a period of up to two semesters (one year).

If you are newly-enrolled but would like to take Leave of Absence, complete the Variation of Enrolment form and send it to admissions@campion.edu.au.

The College will contact you to confirm the approval of your request, and to keep you informed about the important dates and deadlines pertaining to the future commencement of your studies.

How do I accept my offer?

You should accept your offer as soon as you receive it to confirm your place at Campion College. You have two months from the date on your Letter of Offer to enrol.

To accept your offer, please click here to complete the enrolment form.


When can I apply for accommodation?

You can apply for accommodation once you have completed the enrolment form. Please refer to the college accommodation page here for further information.


Can I apply for Recognition of Prior Learning or Academic Credit?

In cases where a student has prior learning that is related to assessable components of a Campion College course, the College gives such a student the opportunity to apply for this learning to contribute directly to the completion of the Campion course in question. Forms of prior learning include previous study from recognised tertiary organisations, relevant work or life experience or courses undertaken outside a recognised tertiary education organisation.

The RPL and Academic Credit application form can be found here. The completed form should be sent to admissions@campion.edu.au. Applications will be assessed by the Dean of studies. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application within 10 working days.

Can I receive a scholarship as part of the Early Offer Scheme?

By applying for our Early Offer Scheme between 1 May-8 October, you will be automatically considered for one of the following scholarships:

Community Recommendation Scholarship

Relocation Scholarship


How do I apply for the above scholarships?

If you apply for our Early Offer Scheme between 1 May-8 October, you will be automatically considered for the above scholarships. There is no need to submit any further applications. Scholarship offers associated with the Early Offer Scheme will be distributed in November 2023.


How will scholarships in association with the Early Offer Scheme be assessed?

Campion will assess your academic results, written statement, community recommendation and academic interview to select scholarship recipients.


What other scholarships can I apply for?

Campion has several scholarships on offer for students who do not receive a scholarship as part of the Early Offer Scheme and students who apply outside this application window. Well over half the students at Campion receive support from the college each year in the form of merit-based scholarships and needs-based bursaries.