The relationship between Campion College and its students does not end at graduation. Every student automatically becomes part of the Campion College Alumni Association (CCAA), which aims to create both a professional and social network for Campion Alumni.

The CCAA runs a number of events each year, with the heart of this programme being the alumni reunion, usually held on a date close to the Campion College Student Association’s annual ball. In addition, the CCAA maintains a quarterly alumni newsletter containing updates on events, achievements, and opportunities in the life of the College and its Alumni.

The Campion College Alumni Association Executive for 2018:

President: Peter O’Donovan

Vice-president: Nicholas Augimeri

Secretary: Madeleine Kirk

Get in touch with the CCAA at:


Mail: Campion College Alumni Association

8-14 Austin Woodbury Place

Old Toongabbie, Sydney, NSW, 2460