Mathematics formed an important part of the ‘original liberal arts’, as four of the seven units of study (the quadrivium) have a numerical character – arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music. Mathematics has plainly had a huge impact on our grasp of knowledge and truth. It is a vital basis of scientific understanding and investigation as well as a valuable means of developing logical thought, the skills of precise analysis, and universal conceptions about the natural order.

Mathematics units at Campion cover both pure and applied mathematics. They offer insight into the historical and philosophical background, the nature of mathematics and current issues such as social aspects and statistical thinking. Their overall purposes are to give students the opportunity to develop habits of objective investigation and analysis whilst learning different approaches to problem-solving.


Studying Mathematics at Campion

All Mathematics units taught at Campion are optional, above-load electives. They provide the opportunity for students to receive a broad education in the liberal arts. Each unit is worth 6 credit points, however these do not contribute to the Diploma of Liberal Arts or Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts.

Individuals who do not wish to enrol in a full course may enrol in single units as a non-award (for academic credit) or auditing student.


Mathematics units on offer

MAT101: Introduction to Mathematical Thought
This unit provides a basis for further studies in mathematics and an overview of the role of mathematics in liberal education.

MAT102: Single Variable Calculus
This unit introduces the student to the main historical features of differential calculus through three problems which motivate the unit.

MAT103: Social Issues and Mathematics
This unit covers the history of mathematics and an overview of conceptual issues in mathematics, encouraging students to make critical judgements.

MAT104: Statistical Thinking
This unit offers a hands-on introduction to the principles of statistical analysis, preparing students to be able to ask the right questions.



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