Financial Aid

Financial Aid

We believe that no student should ever miss out on a Campion education for financial reasons. We are committed to making our programme of Liberal Arts education as accessible as possible, by providing various means of financial aid to students. In fact, well over half of our undergraduate students receive either financial aid or a merit-based scholarship.


There are two types of financial aid for which students may apply:

  • Bursaries: These are awarded upon demonstration of financial need. The annual range of our bursaries are between $1500 and $4000 per annum.
  • Work Scheme: Contract work with the College attracting remuneration of up to $100 per week.


Financial aid can be used for essential living and study expenses including textbooks, readers and journals; bond and rent payments; meals and medical bills. Bursaries will not be provided for payment of FEE-Help or tuition fees, purchase of cars or holidays and financial penalties such as library fines. Australian residents may also be eligible for some form of government assistance from the Department of Human Services.


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no difference – both phrases refer to the same form of aid from the college.

Bursaries are granted based on a student’s financial need only, which is why applicants are required to provide as much information as possible about their finances and their needs.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of past achievements in the relevant field (e.g. Sporting, Music, Leadership) and on the understanding that a student will continue to pursue their interests in that field during their enrolment at Campion.

Yes. In fact, it is a good idea to apply for both. If you are not granted a scholarship, you may still be eligible for financial aid in the form of a bursary.

Only one scholarship can be awarded per person at any one time.

Students on scholarships who experience financial stress, may also apply for financial aid (bursary). Students already receiving a bursary may apply for an increase to the amount awarded if they demonstrate that they are experiencing a change in circumstances which is adding to their financial need.

No. Bursaries and scholarships are awarded for the duration of your full-time studies, unless specified otherwise. At the end of each year, recipients must submit a Scholarship Re-Appraisal Form. This will required a student to outline what they have achieved in the are relevant to their scholarship (i.e. media, leadership, sport, etc.) and what they aim to achieve in the subsequent year. They must demonstrate, though this re-appraisal process, that they have met all the criteria for the scholarship to continue, including academic results.

Scholarship and bursary allocations are made two times per year. Please refer to the Scholarship and Bursary webpages for application deadlines.

You may apply for a Special Circumstances bursary at any time.

You should be very clear about your financial need, including assistance you receive from the government, family, and other parties. You should also indicate precisely how you plan to use this assistance—what expenses are you currently incurring that you cannot afford?

Financial support can be used for essential living and study expenses, including:

  • Textbooks, readers, and journals;
  • Bond and rent payments;
  • Meals (except for those provided under the meal plan for residential students);
  • Medical bills.

Bursaries will not be provided for:

  • Payment of FEE-HELP or tuition fees;
  • Payment of compulsory subscriptions;
  • Purchase of cars;
  • Holidays;
  • Financial penalties such as library fines.

Since scholarships are based on merit, your application should be as detailed—albeit concise—as possible about your achievements in the relevant field. Those achievements should be notable. For example, if you apply for a Sporting Scholarship, you must show that you have belonged—or still belong—to a sporting organisation.

To maximise your chances of retaining a scholarship, you should maintain a strong academic record (as according to the criteria for each scholarship) and participation in the relevant field, preferably both on and off campus.

Positions available vary from year to year, but may include: cleaning, kitchen assistant, library assistant, grounds and maintenance assistant. Each of the positions available are four hours per week during semesters.

At the commencement of the year, you will receive an email notification of the positions available and the application process. Places are limited and competitive. Positions that become vacant during the year will be re-advertised.