Frequently Asked Questions


Campion College is Australia’s first and only liberal arts college. We offer a unique tertiary experience for both residential and day students, inspired by the great traditions of higher learning in the liberal arts going back to Plato’s Academy and drawing from the educational models of more recent liberal arts colleges in Europe and North America. Find out more about our history.

Yes. Campion is a liberal arts college. There are literally hundreds of liberal arts colleges in the US that offer degrees at university standard, but Campion is the only one in Australia. Many famous tertiary institutions, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), do not have the word ‘university’ in their name; Campion follows this trend. Campion’s degree is fully accredited by the same state and federal bodies that carefully control all other degrees in Australia.

A liberal arts education is a traditional program of learning in Western higher education. In modern times, it focuses on four key areas: the natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. Such a program imparts general knowledge and develops the student’s rational thought and intellectual capabilities, teaching students to think critically and communicate effectively before they pursue vocational specialisation. Find out more about the benefits of a liberal arts education.

A liberal arts education helps undergraduates to identify their interests and capacities for their future careers, while grounding them in basic but essential skills like critical analysis, superior reading and writing capability, and excellent communication. These skills are becoming more highly sought-after by employers. In contrast to vocational qualifications, our liberal arts degree opens doors to many varied fields. Find out more about career prospects for liberal arts graduates.

In the United States and around the world, students look forward to a grand adventure upon graduating from high school: the college experience. The college experience is where young people look forward to discovering new passions, discerning their career options and maybe even living on their own for the first time. This is an adventure that provides a newfound sense of freedom, accomplishment and community. Campion offers this traditional “college experience” in Australia for both residential and day students. Our students are provided with a broad education, rather than a narrow focus with specific training in one discipline. Campion has small tutorial and lecture sizes with leading academics. We focus on you as an individual and your personal development.

The monetary value of a Campion degree is similar to the value of an Arts degree at a public university. Additionally, there are no up-front tuition fees for students utilising the government’s FEE-HELP student loan scheme. We believe that no student should ever miss out on a Campion education for financial reasons. We are committed to making our programme of liberal arts education as accessible as possible, by providing various means of financial aid to students. Over 70 per cent of our students receive scholarships or financial aid from the college.

No. Campion welcomes students of any faith and no faith. Campion follows the traditions and practices of Catholic higher education whilst safeguarding the search for truth by keeping in balance a range of intellectual freedoms. We ask that all students be respectful of our Catholic identity.

No. 40 per cent of our study body live in the Greater Sydney area. On-campus living is encouraged for interstate students but not mandatory

Campion has a vibrant campus atmosphere with numerous academic, social, sporting and chaplaincy societies. Many students have taken the initiative to establish new societies and groups throughout their years of study. The Campion College Student Association is the umbrella organisation that supports the student body through its initiatives and represents students to the College Executive. Find out more about student life.

Our numbers vary from year to year however regardless of intake, your tutorials will always have a strict 20-person limit. You will know everyone on campus by name, including your lecturers and tutors. This is conducive to effective study and strong progress, as well as forming lifelong friendships and bonds in a young, likeminded community. Find out more about student and alumni numbers on our Quick Facts page.

Absolutely! Prospective students are invited to get in contact with our Student Recruitment Manager on (02) 9893 9303 or via study@campion.edu.au to request a private tour of our campus. We also host a number of events on campus for the general public, including our popular Summer and Winter Programs which offer a taste of Campion’s liberal arts degree.