Work Scheme

Work Scheme

The Work Scheme is designed to assist students to meet their financial responsibilities.

Various roles for Work Scheme participants are available each year, to assist with the operation of the College. However, places are limited and there is no guarantee that applicants will be successful.

Relevant work experience will be highly regarded. Where applicants have previously worked at the College, an assessment of their performance will also be taken into account.

Students who participate in Work Scheme become casual or fixed-term employees of Campion College. Participants receive the award wage for one of the following types of employment, which is at the discretion of the College:

  • Casual contract remuneration; or
  • Fixed-term contract remuneration.

The maximum amount of work for each student is 5 hours per week (85 hours per semester). The net amount is paid into a nominated bank account on a fortnightly basis. The Scheme is limited to Semester time.

All students may apply for Work Scheme. However, please note that positions on this Scheme are limited and will be allocated with reference to an assessment of the degree of proven financial hardship. Students with sufficient income to cover living costs should not apply for the Scheme.


Applications Forms for the Work Scheme will be available at Reception during the first week of semester.