Campion Conversations | Star Wars: A New Era

Campion Conversations | Star Wars: A New Era
01 Apr 2020

Image: The Mandalorian, starring Pedro Pascal as the title character, is taking the Star Wars universe into a new era. Copyright Disney/Lucasfilm


With the recent Star Wars trilogy wrapping up and the release of The Mandalorian, the franchise seems to be getting a makeover under Disney. This episode of  Campion Conversations takes a frank look at Star Wars under Disney’s mantle. What did they get wrong? What worked well? Why was there so much angst over the final trilogy and what is the big deal about The Mandalorian? We answer all these questions and more in your latest edition of Campion Conversations.



Campion Conversations


Ever wondered how Marvel movies relate to Nietzsche? Or what Netflix might have to do with existentialism? Campion Conversations is the official podcast of Campion College Australia and the place to hear our academics discuss pop culture and, occasionally, current affairs in light of the humanities.

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