Humanitas Issue 01

Humanitas Issue 01
03 Mar 2024

Welcome to the first issue of Humanitas! And what better place to start than in 428 BC at the Platonic Academy in Athens. Founded by the renowned Greek philosopher Plato, the Academy is often considered to be the world’s first university and the inspiration for liberal arts colleges such as Campion College. Happy reading!

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Humanitas is a quarterly publication introducing teen readers (and the young at heart) to the liberal arts. Humanitas is inspired by the undergraduate program at Campion College Australia. Each issue explores key events, ideas, personalities and works that have shaped Western culture.

The Latin word “humanitas” (literally “human-ness”) refers to high culture. It was adopted by Renaissance humanists in the fifteenth century to describe their preferred curriculum for education. “Studia humanitatis” includes languages and literature of all kinds but especially poetry, history, philosophy, and rhetoric.

Humanitas is produced by the staff and students at Campion College Australia.