Ramsay-Campion Great Books Podcast | Plato’s Symposium

Ramsay-Campion Great Books Podcast | Plato’s Symposium
06 Dec 2022

Image: Agathon as he welcomes the drunken Alcibiades into his house, Anselm Feuerbach (1829-1880).


The sixth and final episode of this first season of the Ramsay-Campion Great Books podcast focuses on Plato’s Symposium.

Our series on the Greeks concludes as we move from History to Philosophy in the form of one of Plato’s best known dialogues, Symposium, a remarkable exploration on a perennially important topic in the Western tradition – Love: its nature, meaning, purpose, and often confusing complexities.

In this sixth podcast Dr Stephen McInerney is joined by Professor Renee Kohler-Ryan, National Head of the School of Philosophy and Theology at the University of Notre Dame Australia, and Dr Kishore Saval, Senior Lecturer in the Western Civilisation Program at Australian Catholic University.