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As an independent institution of higher learning, much of the college’s vital needs are met by the generosity of those who actively support the Campion Foundation, a private, non-profit organisation which supports the work and mission of Campion College through fundraising.

Campion College exists to provide a foundational education in the liberal arts. The Campion Foundation works closely with the college to ensure that gifts provided are directed to the most important areas and used with the greatest possible efficiency.

We thank you in advance for your help in supporting Campion College and the unique tertiary experience we offer. 


All donations are tax deductible.

Campion College is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR), approved by the Australian Taxation Office.



What will your donation help fund?

Scholarship and bursaries

Each year, two-thirds of our students rely on scholarships and bursaries to support their learning and residential expenses.

Capital projects

Such projects are integral to our ability to support our growing college and share our vision of tertiary education.

Student resources

Including the continued improvement of academic facilities and the acquisition of new resources for teaching and research.

Why support the Campion Foundation?

A Campion education in the Liberal Arts is the best preparation for a career in any profession. I wish it had been available to me 50 years ago when I started my career.

Joe de Bruyn, Campion College Trustee

As a private institution that receives no government funds, the College relies greatly on the Campion Foundation for continuing support – to sustain its distinctive program in the liberal arts as well as build a new library and other educational facilities for its growing number of students.

Karl Schmude, Campion College Co-Founder & Trustee

In the time of coronavirus, we’ve all had an opportunity to focus on what truly matters. I am more convinced than ever that Campion provides young people with an education that really matters because it revolves around the truth and light of Christ.

James Power, Campion College Trustee

The profound effect that Campion had on my children who attended the College absolutely convinced me that this type of education is incredibly worthwhile, and as it is not available anywhere else this little institution needs to be strongly supported.

Edmond O’Donovan, Campion College Trustee

When you support the Campion College Foundation you are investing in a remarkable community of learning, alive with intellectual curiosity and spiritual devotion, unlike any other tertiary experience in Australia.

Siobhan Reeves, Campion College Alumna and Trustee


Your support in the form of a regular or one-off donation is greatly appreciated. There are three ways to donate:


Credit card – online

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Direct deposit

Make a gift directly into the College’s bank account:

Account Name:  Campion College Fund
BSB:  062 784
Account No.:  277 45 205
Reference:  (Your Name)



Credit card – by phone

To speak with someone about making a gift over the phone, please call 1300 792 747.


Alternatively, if you would like to join our monthly giving campaign, please contact Yvette Nehme, Director of Development, on 1300 792 747 or via foundation@campion.edu.au 

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Benefits of a Campion education:

Alumni Testimonials


I loved the combination of studies, social life, and community involvement that Campion offered me and was able to grow as a person and as a learner during this time. Having worked as a high school teacher in regional areas, the integrated academic model that Campion offers prepared me to provide an education to my students that is meaningful and relevant to their lives.

Jessica Buchanan

Class of 2017

I always wanted to pursue post-grad Medicine, so I saw the liberal arts offered by Campion as a way to work ‘both sides of the brain’, as it were, in my tertiary studies. Even in my short time so far at medical school, I have noticed a need for the kind of minds Campion produces. We need critical thinking doctors that can actively assess new medical information and make informed decisions with their patients. 

Awtel Power

Class of 2016

Throughout these past years, my education at Campion has served me well, imparting me with adaptability, flexibility and good public speaking skills.  

Brendan Smith

Class of 2013

In my role as a journalist, I draw inspiration from the Classical education I learned at Campion especially pertaining to the notions of the Transcendentals of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

David Ryan

Class of 2017

Campion College provided an environment to develop qualities that helped me to get where I am today. The tools were critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication. 

Norbert Neville

Class of 2009

Campion’s liberal arts degree gave me the skills necessary to make myself a desirable employee. The course fostered in me the usual skills quoted like critical thinking, problem solving, etc. More importantly for me however, Campion enabled me to come out of my shell and gave me the confidence to market myself more effectively to potential employers.

Brendan Thomas

Class of 2014

Campion College provided me with a foundation for professional success and introduced me to the wonderful world of philosophy.

Fenelle McLaurin

Class of 2012

The Campion Foundation

The Campion Foundation is a private, non-profit organisation which supports the work and mission of Campion College through fundraising. The Foundation works closely with the college to ensure that gifts provided are directed to the most important areas and used with the greatest possible efficiency.