Sporting Scholarship


Through Sporting Scholarships, Campion College recognises the importance of sport in the development of a person’s character.


$2000 to $6000 per annum


After the Census Date in a given semester


One year


This scholarship will be reviewed mid-year. The continuation of the scholarship is subject to satisfactory academic progress and continued commitment to sport.

Open to

New students studying full-time
Continuing students studying full time


Australian Citizen/Permanent Resident


In order to be eligible for this scholarship, students should demonstrate:

  • That they are active in a particular field of sport, by providing references from their coach/trainer, and evidence of their achievements in the field (e.g. certificates, awards); and
  • Satisfactory academic performance.

Acceptance expectations

Acceptance of this scholarship requires a student to:

  • Continue being active in their sport;
  • Maintain a successful academic record (Weighted Average Mark of 70%);
  • Represent Campion College at Intervarsity competitions, if applicable;
  • Participate in the organisation of events at Campion College, in their respective sport; and
  • Promote and support Campion College.

Application checklist

  • Scholarship Application Form
  • Written Statement (one page outlining why you believe you should be the recipient of a Sporting Scholarship)
  • References (e.g. from your coach or trainer)
  • Relevant awards, certificates and commendations (e.g. awards received for your sporting achievements)

Application deadline

Please refer to the main scholarships page,

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