Seinfeld: A Podcast about Nothing | Campion Conversations

Image: The cast of Seinfeld: Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer. Copyright: NBC


The four quirky anti-heroes who starred in one of the most defining television shows of the ’90s take centre stage in this episode of Campion Conversations.

What is Seinfeld actually about? Is it a show about nothing, as it meta-textually suggests in Season 4? Are the characters simply just high-functioning sociopaths? And does the humour still hold up 20 years on?

Hear what we thought, with three special guests: literature lecturer Dr Stephen McInerney, history lecturer Dr Steve Chavura and philosophy lecturer Dr Amitavo Islam.

Campion Conversations is an audio podcast exploring film, television and other aspects of pop culture through the lens of the liberal arts.

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