Formal Hall


Fortnightly on Thursdays during term time Campion College holds a ‘Formal Hall’. This is a formal dinner instead of the more usual self-service affair. Academic gowns are worn, tables are decorated and there is usually a guest-of-honour to speak on a topic of interest.

Residential students generally attend Formal Hall as a matter of course, but there is an open invitation to all non-residential students who are encouraged to come and enjoy excellent food and company.

There are some particularly important Formal Halls during the course of the year that attract very large numbers. These are the Opening Dinner at the beginning of the academic year, the St Edmund Campion Dinner in late June (to mark the end of Easter Term), the Scholarship Dinner in Trinity Term, and the Valedictory Dinner (known as the Réveillon) at the very end of Michaelmas Term.

We also keep the custom of singing one of the anthems of Our Lady before processing out at the end of each dinner.