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At Campion College, students explore the rich tapestry of Western history and culture through Bachelor and Diploma courses in the liberal arts.

Our undergraduate program provides students with a well-rounded education, emphasising critical thinking, effective communication and the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake. By studying authors, historical figures, theologians and philosophers such as Shakespeare, St. Augustine, Plato and others, our students gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them, and develop essential ‘soft skills’ that are highly valued by employers across industries.

We believe that studying the ideas, events, personalities and works that have shaped Western history and culture has a profound impact on personal and professional development of students. We offer a range of units in history, literature, philosophy, theology, science and classical languages that allow students to delve deep into the intellectual and cultural traditions of the West and to gain a greater appreciation for its diversity and complexity. Our graduates are well-prepared for a wide range of career opportunities, from law and journalism to education and beyond, and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed in any field they choose.

Whether you’re a high school student interested in pursuing a broad program of tertiary study or a recent high school graduate seeking to broaden your horizons, our liberal arts program is the perfect choice for those who value a well-rounded education, the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and a foundation for success in all spheres of life.

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Benefits of studying at Campion College

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Foundation For Success

A liberal arts degree offers a comprehensive education fostering critical thinking, analytical prowess, creativity, and a thirst for knowledge. These foundational skills are pivotal in equipping students for lifelong personal and professional development. Our program stands out in Australia for its deliberate integration between the disciplines of study – history, literature, philosophy, theology and science.

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Limitless Career Possibilities

Campion College graduates have successfully pursued careers in business, education, healthcare, law, media and politics. Unencumbered by the need to specialise prematurely right after high school, they enjoy adaptability and versatility in their career trajectories. Check out our career guides to learn more about job prospects for liberal arts graduates.

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Unique Study Environment

At Campion College, students benefit from a unique study environment. Our new library, dedicated faculty, small class sizes, and tutorial model combine to offer personalised attention, foster deep engagement with course material, and promote collaborative learning. This distinctive setting cultivates academic excellence and intellectual growth among our students.

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Embracing Holistic Higher Education

Beyond our academic curriculum, we regard social, spiritual, and residential dimensions as integral components of a holistic higher education journey. By embracing these facets, we ensure our students benefit from a fully immersive, enriching and transformative tertiary experience. Follow us on Instagram for an insider’s look at student life.

Topics Studied

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About Campion College

Campion College is an independent institution of higher education located in Western Sydney. Our undergraduate students receive an integrated liberal arts education, supported by a thriving collegiate community. The result of this approach is a transformative tertiary experience that uniquely prepares students for both work and life.