Welcome to the Campion Foundation

The Campion Foundation is a private non-profit organisation which supports the work and mission of Campion College through a programme of fund-raising and administration of gifts.

Campion College is an independent institution of higher learning, and, as such receives no government funding. As such, much of the College’s vital needs are met by the generosity of those who believe in, and actively support, the, Catholic, Liberal Arts which are at the core of Campion College.

While support for the College comes in a variety of forms, an important part this is naturally financial. The Campion foundation works closely with Campion College to ensure that gifts provided are directed to the most important areas, and used with the greatest possible efficiency.

It is through gifts administered by the Foundation that Campion College is able to provide services such as scholarships to students in need, the construction and improvement of key facilities on campus, from lecture theatres to library materials, and ensure that the teaching at the College is maintained at the highest standard.

Since Campion’s supporters and well-wishers naturally wish to stay in touch with the developments at the College, the Campion Foundation also produces a quarterly newsletter ‘Campion’s Brag’ which updates its readers on the College works. Sent to over 8,000 people, the brag has been produced since 2002, and has played an integral part in the establishment of the College in 2006, and its ongoing success into the present day.

If you would like to receive Campion Brag, or would just like to get in touch with us, please contact the Foundation team – 02 98969318 foundation@campion.edu.au

All Gifts to the Foundation are fully tax-deductible and can be made in a variety of ways. Click the button below for details.

The Foundation is one of two bodies, separate though complementary, involved in the development of the College:

  • The Campion Foundation carried out the initial planning of the College, and provides financial support on a continuing basis; and
  • The Campion Institute is responsible for the governance of the College, especially in matters of institutional policy, direction and standards.

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Campion’s Brag

The Campion Foundation produces a regular newsletter called Campion’s Brag. Issues of this newsletter are available to download in PDF format below.

Issue 60 – Spring 2019

Issue 59 – Winter 2019

Issue 58 – Autumn 2018 

Issue 57 – Summer 2018 

Issue 56 – Winter 2017 

Issue 55 – Autumn 2017

Issue 54 – Summer 2017

– FAQs –

As a private Catholic institution which values its independence, Campion does not receive government funding but relies on the Foundation’s fund-raising programs to help cover its operational costs.

The Foundation provides a significant proportion of the funds required for the annual upkeep of the College.  It is also responsible for funding major building projects which the College will need as student numbers expand.

The Foundation seeks support for Campion College from a large cross-section of people, both by means of its quarterly newsletter, Campion’s Brag, which has a mailing list of 8,000, and by special functions and personal contact.

Such ‘friends of Campion’ have contributed generously to the establishment and development of the College, through immediate donations – including by means of regular direct debit – as well as long-term pledges of bequests.

Donations to Campion enable the College to meet a range of vital needs – including the provision of scholarships to needy students, covering both tuition fees and residential costs (especially for country, interstate or international students); the continuing improvement of academic facilities on campus, such as lecture halls and seminar rooms; and the acquisition of new resources for teaching and research – for example, library books and access to online scholarly networks.

Most gifts to Campion are provided without the requirement of conditions and are applied carefully to the College’s most urgent needs.   Where restrictions or preferences are specified, the Foundation ensures that such gifts are treated in complete harmony with the wishes of donors.

Various opportunities exist for donors to name major gifts which are provided for a commemorative purpose, such as those in support of student scholarships or building developments.

A common form of named gifts is an individual endowment in a key area of the College’s life, such as a permanent fund for library acquisitions. Such gifts enable the College to use the interest earned for the purchase of new materials while safeguarding the integrity of the endowment itself.

All gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible, in accordance with its Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status approved by the Australian Taxation Office.

Foundation Directors

joseph-bruynJOSEPH DE BRUYN
Mr. Joseph De Bruyn is the National Secretary-Treasurer, Shop Distributive & Allied Employees’ Association, Australia’s largest trade union headquartered in Melbourne.

edmond-o-donovanEDMOND O’DONOVAN
Mr. Edmond O’Donovan is a Brisbane-based consulting mechanical engineer and father of six.

Dr_paul-morrisseyDR. PAUL MORRISSEY
Dr. Paul Morrissey is the President of Campion College Australia.

James_Power_Junior_sqaureJAMES G POWER
Mr. James Power is Managing Director of the Power Group of Companies and has a background in business management.

karl-schudeKARL G SCHMUDE
Mr. Karl Schmude is a well-known author and former University Librarian at the University of New England NSW. Since 2000, he has served as Executive Director of the Campion Foundation which established Campion College Australia.