Academic year wraps up at Campion

Reveillon-2019-9. Campion College Australia.
Reveillon-2019-9. Campion College Australia.
29 Nov 2019

Another academic year has come to an end as Campion celebrated its annual Reveillon dinner and award ceremony last week.

Awards for the Frank Sheed Public Speaking Competition were handed out as follows:

1st place: Pearce Lyall (third year student)
2nd place: Anna Harrison (third year student)
3rd place: Timothy O'Hare (first year student)

Prizes for the Noreen Mavis Daley Poetry Award were also handed out as follows:

First prize: Gareth Cassidy (first year)
Runner up: Lucy Smith (second year)

Excerpt from Gareth's winning poem "Argos", inspired by Homer's The Odyssey:


I will wait for you, like a dog;

lying scattered, in the tear dust,

drinking sweet darkness, aging on pus,

tired eyes conceded to the cloud,

shattered by the shadow shroud,

that veils all things holy.

nothing left, but only

                                    to listen...

every pore of the soul, aching

for my Master’s call, some whisper

of His steps come close, or tremor

in the chambers of his Precious Heart.

I’ll wait...

         ...in the tension,

That hovers over the swell

Where eternity and the line time,

Crash into one; there...

         dead in the blissful vision and dying

         for the anticipation of the vision,

         suffering the sweetness of completion

         before the agony of becoming...

         I’ll wait.

The Campion College Student Association outgoing board handed the reins over to the newly elected students:

Anneliese van Rensburg - President
Phoebe Lawrence - Secretary
Thomas Galouzis - Treasurer

Campion's schola director Bernard Kirkpatrick farewelled 11 students from the choir:

Simon-Pieter Doodeman
Micah Doughty
Elisabeth Fanning
Therese Horsfall
Rainier Juanta
Cecilia Kent
James Landon
Dominic Lawrence
Bethany Marsh
Lawrence Pereira
Timothy Winkels

The night rounded off with a lot of laughter with the third-year farewell speech by Elisabeth Fanning and Xavier Power, who reflected on their three years at Campion as a cherished time of their lives.