Mr Gray Connolly addresses students at Formal Hall

May 26th, 2023

On Thursday the 25th of May, students and staff gathered for Formal Hall. Our guest speaker for the evening was Gray Connolly, a Sydney-based barrister and public commentator with expertise in public law and commercial law practice, including constitutional law, energy and resources law and admiral/shipping law. In his Formal Hall address, Mr Connolly provided […]

Meet our World Youth Day pilgrims

April 14th, 2023

On Tuesday the 4th of April, a group of Campion students gathered in the PDS Lecture Theatre to discuss their upcoming pilgrimages for World Youth Day. This July, 17 students have chosen to travel with dioceses and religious groups close to either their hometown parishes or the College itself. They include the Archdiocese of Sydney, […]

Students and staff gather for first Formal Hall of 2023

March 24th, 2023

On Thursday the 23rd of March, students and staff gathered for the first Formal Hall of 2023. Campion president, Dr Paul Morrissey, offered a special welcome to our commencing undergrads before speaking on the history of formal hall and the role of banquets and meals in both salvation history and family tradition. “Many of you will […]

Students celebrate St Patrick’s Day

March 20th, 2023

On Friday the 17th of March, Campion students, alumni and friends of the Campion College Student Association descended on the Dining Hall in every item of green clothing they could find to celebrate the feast day of St Patrick. A live band formed by students performed traditional Irish tunes and ballads while attendees sang along. Students […]

Students contemplate how “God Works in Mysterious Ways” at annual retreat

March 14th, 2023

Campion’s annual student retreat took place at Benedict XVI Retreat Centre this past weekend (Friday 10-Saturday 12 March). Students attended a total of four talks over the three days, each surrounding the theme “God Works in Mysterious Ways”. Each talk offered a unique perspective on vocation discernment and the speaker’s personal experiences with God. The […]

UniMaronite launches new branding at Campion College Meet & Greet

March 3rd, 2023

On Thursday the 2nd of March, Campion College welcomed over 50 young Maronites onto campus as part of a UniMaronite/Campion College Meet & Greet. Following a welcome from Campion College Student Association President, Julian Vieira, and introductions from the 2023 UniMaronite Executive, everyone gathered in the Chapel for the Maronite Divine Office. A ‘speed meet’ […]

Family and friends gather for 2023 Matriculation Ceremony

February 28th, 2023

On Monday the 27th of February, Campion College welcomed 42 new undergraduates to the college during our Matriculation Mass and Ceremony. The annual ceremony took place at the front of campus, where students were robed in academic gowns and signed their names into Campion’s Matriculation Book. Dr Morrissey then addressed the students and spoke about […]

Commencing students kick off studies with 2023 Orientation Week

February 26th, 2023

From 20-24 February, new Campion College students enjoyed a week of activities, seminars, introductions and outings as part of O-Week 2023. The action-packed week, organised by our Student Life Officer together with the 2023 Student Executive and Residential Assistants, aimed to provide our commencing undergraduates with the information and tools needed to ease the transition […]

Campion wraps up academic year with last ‘Réveillon’ in dining hall

November 30th, 2022

It was both a joyous and a somewhat sad affair as Campion students and staff celebrated their final Réveillon’ dinner in the dining hall. From next year, the annual Christmas feast marking the end of the academic year at Campion will be held in the new ‘Grand Dining Hall’ in the Academic Centre, which will […]

Theatre Society performs Nativity play for local school students

November 25th, 2022

The Campion Theatre Society took some time off from exams to perform a Nativity play for a local school. All scripture students from Metella Road Public School in Toongabbie were gathered to watch the performance, in which the CTS members acted out the parts while CTS president Abbey Pereira read out passages from the Gospels […]